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Kid’s Fill-In Invitations & Kid’s Fill-In Thank Yous

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

One of the most recent fads in the invitation world is fill-in invitations and thank you notes for kids. They come in a variety of party themes with bright colors, whimsical cartoon designs and the most adorable graphics you’ve ever seen.

Fill-in invitations are great for busy parents that need to give out invitations in a short period of time, or for those on a budget trying to save on printing costs. The fill-ins are pre-printed with party text and lines for you to fill-in the “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “When” and “RSVP”. Each fill-in invitation comes with matching colored envelopes for an added colorful expression. Choose from various themes like:

Country & Western
Trains & Automobiles
Safari Animals
Ice Skating
Rock Star

…and many more!

After the party, make sure you pick up the matching fill-in thank you notes that coordinate with your invitation…or pick one that expresses your child’s unique personality. They come with the same colorful, whimsical and fun graphics that the invitations have, along with brightly colorful matching envelopes. The fill-in thank you notes are really great for kids because they take care of the “thanks” part of the thank you note, and allow your child to fill in their gift information and add a little note on their own. This makes writing thank you notes an easy task for both parents and kids. Here is a sample of one of the fill-in invitations text:

Thank you so much!

Dear ___________________,

I really loved the ______________________________.
It was just great!

From: _________________________

So next time you’re on a budget or just need a quick kid’s party invitation…check out our fill-in invitations and thank you notes from SanLori Designs.

Baby Shower Stationery – Browsing & Guidelines

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Whether you are expecting or have a new arrival in your family, you’re bound to be surrounded with loving friends and family that give you their time, support and of course baby gifts! Make an impression on your loved ones by sending a baby shower thank you note to thank them for all of their kind gestures during this exciting time in your life.

Many moms or mommy-to-be’s forget this important part of gift-giving, which is understandable with the excitement and business of a new baby, however it is extremely important to give thanks to those who have helped you.

Below are a few preview designs from our baby shower stationery collection. Our most popular designs include expecting dress forms, pregnant couples, baby prams, umbrellas, pastels, polka dots, turtles, animals, rattles and more.

After receiving your stationery, make sure you hand write your note to each friend or family member personally. One of the most common faux pas we see in the stationery world is when customers have a pre-printed message on the inside of a thank you note that they give to every guest that sent them a gift or attended their shower. While this is understandable and convenient, proper etiquette dictates that a pre-printed message should never be used. It portrays the image that you do not have time to thank them for the gift that they personally selected for you. In other words, since they took the time to get you a gift, please take the time to hand write a note. Just a simple “Thank you for you kind gift of the baby mobile. I love the colors and it will go great in the baby’s room. It was great to see you…” will suffice.

Shop our baby shower thank you notes today…

Easter Invitations

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Easter is a springtime holiday in which Christians celebrate it as the religious holiday marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The celebrations of Easter range from religious celebrations with attending Church and family get-togethers to the now popular Easter egg hunts, Easter Bunny visits, candy and egg decorating. However you celebrate Easter, make it a memorable time this year spent with the ones you love and lots of fun Easter-related activities.

If you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt, have an Easter or spring birthday, or maybe are just inviting relatives over for your annual Easter dinner, make sure you pick up some springtime Easter invitations to coordinate with your event. Take a look at some of our newest and most popular Easter invites below:

For all you Easter party-go-ers, we also found this great website full of fun Easter Activities for Children,, that we thought parents may enjoy. It includes activities that are great for kids Easter birthday parties and keeping the kids busy during an Easter celebration. Check out their dying Easter eggs directions, Easter coloring pages, Easter crafts, Easter puzzles and Easter games, Easter poems and songs, Easter recipes and worksheets.

So whatever you’re in for this Easter holiday season, make sure you make it fun, spring-related and full of candy! Happy Easter!

Invitation Etiquette – Your FAQ’s Answered

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

What’s the right way to say RSVP? Does it really matter if there’s an “st” on my date? How do you say ‘no gifts’? Is 5:00 p.m. afternoon or evening? We’ve compiled a list of the most popular etiquette/grammar related questions we get on a daily basis from our customers and thought we’d share the knowledge. For more information, you can check our etiquette section

How do you write RSVP?
Kindly respond
Please respond

When writing a date, when do you use the “rd” and “st”, when do you include the year?
March 2, 2009
March 2nd
Monday, March 2, 2009
Monday, March 2nd

*note: if the date is followed by a year, the “nd” or “st”, etc. is NOT included.

Monday, the second of March
Two thousand and nine

Monday, the second of March

*note: if the date is followed by the year, it should be on the second line of text whenever possible. Only the “T” in “Two thousand and nine” is capitalized.

When writing the time, what are the correct abbreviations, etc.?
3:00 p.m.
3:00 PM
3 o’clock
at three o’clock in the afternoon

12:00 p.m.
12:00 PM

*note: you never want to write “12 o’clock noon” or “12 Noon” because this is redundant. Choose one or the other.

What is the time table for morning/afternoon/evening?
12:00 AM – 11:59 AM Morning
12:00 PM – 5:59 PM Afternoon
6:00 PM – 11:59 PM Evening

Do I need to include a zip code on my invitations?
It is not necessary to include a zip code on an invitation and typically a city/state will suffice. If you have a lot of out of state guests you are welcome to put the zip code on the invite, however it is not traditional etiquette.

Should my registry be listed on my invitations?
Traditional etiquette dictates that registry information should be spread by word of mouth only. While this is a good sentiment, in modern times it is just not practical. It has since become acceptable to include this information on your baby or bridal shower invitations or even your wedding website. However, registry or gift information should NEVER be listed on a wedding invitation, under any circumstances.

How do I ask for cash only?
It is in poor taste to request specific gifts from a guest (i.e. cash, checks, gift cards, etc.). If this is your preference you should not include any information about gifts or registry on your invitation and have your family/attendees spread your gift requests by word of mouth only.

How do I say ‘no gifts’?
The best way to ask for no gifts is to put “no gifts, please” in a small font in the bottom corner of your invitation. You can also state this by writing “please make the gift of your presence your only gift to us”.

Still have more questions on etiquette? Feel free to reply to my post and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that come along!!

Country Invitations & Western Party Invitations

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Grab ‘yer partner for a hoedown!

One of the trends we’ve noticed over the past year has been the growing surge of cowboy, country and western parties being held…and not just from the folks in the south either! These parties range from kids birthday parties to adult birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, corporate events, wedding invites and more!

A western themed party typically involves everyone dressing down in jeans, bandanas, cowboy hats, checkered or flannel shirts and cowboy boots. Decorate your event by placing cacti, sand and stones in the center of each table to create that western ambiance. Make your own signs out of beat-up wood that say “Saloon”, “Cowboys” or “Cowgirls”. You can even make wanted signs with your friends names as place cards.

For food basics, stick to traditional barbecue, or maybe even have a pig-pickin’ for your guests. You can serve ribs, corn, burgers, hot dogs and beans…any kind of southern food you can think of. Finish it off with some old-fashioned homemade pies. For activities you can host a square dance-a-thon and let the best dancer win. You can even hire a teacher to show your guests how to do a square dance ahead of time. Outside feel free to set up horseshoes or horseback riding.

Well, now that you’ve learned how to plan the perfect Western themed party, remember to choose a perfect invitation to coincide with your event…after all, your invitation will be the first indication of the event to come! Make it a good one.

Inviting Company CRAZE…Introducing the Mindy Weiss Invitation Collection

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

It’s springtime again! All you stationery-followers out there know that new seasons throughout the year bring new collections from many of our popular vendors. At InvitationBox we have introduced many new products for this spring season including over 200 items from Inviting Company alone! The response has been extremely positive and we are very excited about Inviting Company’s new designs for wedding, party, kids birthdays, bachelorette parties, themed parties and more. They feature bright colors, modern designs, adorable characters and formal invitations too!

With the introduction of Inviting Company’s spring collection has been the introduction of the Mindy Weiss for Inviting Company collection. Mindy Weiss is one of the most sought-after wedding and party planners in the US. She captures the elegance of an event with her modern styles, unique hues and elaborate party décor. Mindy currently has her own party planning service, a book, website, product line and many sponsorship deals. Her strong attention to detail, high-end clientele and unpredictable sense of style has encouraged her career.

The Mindy Weiss for Inviting Company collection is a dynamic new array of imprintable wedding invitations, shower invitations, formal invites, save the date cards and bridal accessories. Her first collection includes eight different themes including “Love Birds”, “Bridal Party”, “Calligraphy Initials”, “Whimsy Words”, “Vintage Bride” and “Baroque Frame” cards. Mindy’s collection is great for the posh bride who wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

Be the first to have a Mindy Weiss invitation or announcement for your wedding and show off your unique style with this unique collection.

We’re going Inviting Company CRAZY over the Mindy Weiss and Inviting Company Spring collections and think you will too!

1st Birthday Invitations

Friday, March 20th, 2009

It’s been a year since their birth and your child is now learning to crawl, walk, talk and has a personality all their own. Celebrate your baby’s first birthday in a way that will be fun for your child and memorable for you!

Choosing a theme for your child’s 1st birthday party may be a difficult task as there’s just so many to choose from. Try to think about your child’s personality and what they’re into at the moment. Here are some themes to get you started:

Colors & Balloons
Cars & Trucks
Sesame Street
Zoo Animals

Whether you’re having the part at your home or a place outside like the zoo or the park, you can still find a theme that will work. Choose an invitation that fits your theme, (see some great 1st Birthday Party Invitations here), and remember to order a few extras for un-expected guests and one for a keepsake for your child’s baby book. This momentous day will be looked back on for years to come.

When planning your party, try to plan it for a time that is AFTER naptime that involves a meal or snack for your younger guests. Remember that there will be more cake in your child’s hair then in their mouth and presents will be open, thrown and pushed aside for the next. Feel free to incorporate balloon games, crafts or party favors into the mix.

Most of all, remember to share this joyous occasion with close family and friends, and don’t forget that camera or video camera! This party will be one that you’ll remember way down the road!

Seafood Boil Invitations

Friday, March 20th, 2009

One of the most popular events people are hosting this spring/summer season are Seafood Boils. These parties typically include a large crowd and plenty of seafood, veggies and fireside fun! You can even add in a little sausage or other Cajun fare for those that are not seafood-nuts like the rest of us. Seafood boils are typically held outdoors at your home or on the beach.

To begin planning your seafood boil, decide what types of seafood you’ll be offering and choose a seafood boil invitation that really coordinates with your theme. At InvitationBox we have a great variety of seafood boil invitations featuring crawfish, lobster, shrimp, corn on the cob, lemons, crabs, clams and large boiling pots. Browse through some of our unique Seafood Boil designs.

Now that you’ve chosen your invitation and invited your guests, here’s a list of everything you’ll need to make your seafood boil a success (serves about 20 guests, [ref]):

• a very large pot with a basket (many people have purchased a turkey fryer, which will benefit you now and at Thanksgiving!)
• 2 pounds crab legs
• 2 pound uncooked shrimp
• 4 pounds of fresh clams (remember these will cook the longest)
• 2 pounds of smoked sausage, cut into 2 inch pieces
• 6-10 potatoes
• sweet corn on the cob, halved, frozen or fresh
• 2 boxes crab boil seasoning
• 4 whole crabs
• lobster
• 4-6 dozen hush puppies

Set your party scene with newspapers and mallets on each table, held down in the corners with a stone or an array of sauces, salts, Old Bay or pepper. Remember to put plenty of butter, cocktail sauce, lemons and Tabasco in the center of each table…and rolls of paper towels! This meal WILL be messy, but allows for easy cleanup with one roll of the newspaper.

BOUNCE HOUSE Party Invitations

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Pump it up! One of the most popular trends for kids’ birthday parties, ages 3-8, are bounce house parties! Let your kids run wild with these fun parties that encourage fitness, friends and fun all inside a blow up house made with your little ones in mind. Some bounce houses are even strong enough for the grown-ups to play after the party has ended.

When planning a bounce house party make sure to shop around for the best equipment and prices for your area. Most companies have a variety of bounce houses to choose from including a moonwalk, space walk, ball pit or obstacle course. Choose a house that best fits your child’s age ability and what they like to do – whether it be to bounce, climb or have an adventure.

When inviting your kid’s friends, be sure to choose a a bounce house invitation that reflects the fun they’re about to have at the party. Our bounce house party invitations come in girly or vibrant primary colored designs with charming cartoons, die-cuts, fill-ins, flip-out invitations and designer paper available. On the invitation remember to remind your guests to wear or bring socks so that they can play!

Begin the party with letting everyone bounce and play and then follow-up with pizza, cake, games and presents. You can even let the kids bounce just one more time at the end of the party, depending on the length of your bounce house rental. Remember to have your child write thank you notes after the party to thank their guests for coming to their special party!