1st Birthday Invitations

It’s been a year since their birth and your child is now learning to crawl, walk, talk and has a personality all their own. Celebrate your baby’s first birthday in a way that will be fun for your child and memorable for you!

Choosing a theme for your child’s 1st birthday party may be a difficult task as there’s just so many to choose from. Try to think about your child’s personality and what they’re into at the moment. Here are some themes to get you started:

Colors & Balloons
Cars & Trucks
Sesame Street
Zoo Animals

Whether you’re having the part at your home or a place outside like the zoo or the park, you can still find a theme that will work. Choose an invitation that fits your theme, (see some great 1st Birthday Party Invitations here), and remember to order a few extras for un-expected guests and one for a keepsake for your child’s baby book. This momentous day will be looked back on for years to come.

When planning your party, try to plan it for a time that is AFTER naptime that involves a meal or snack for your younger guests. Remember that there will be more cake in your child’s hair then in their mouth and presents will be open, thrown and pushed aside for the next. Feel free to incorporate balloon games, crafts or party favors into the mix.

Most of all, remember to share this joyous occasion with close family and friends, and don’t forget that camera or video camera! This party will be one that you’ll remember way down the road!

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