BOUNCE HOUSE Party Invitations

Pump it up! One of the most popular trends for kids’ birthday parties, ages 3-8, are bounce house parties! Let your kids run wild with these fun parties that encourage fitness, friends and fun all inside a blow up house made with your little ones in mind. Some bounce houses are even strong enough for the grown-ups to play after the party has ended.

When planning a bounce house party make sure to shop around for the best equipment and prices for your area. Most companies have a variety of bounce houses to choose from including a moonwalk, space walk, ball pit or obstacle course. Choose a house that best fits your child’s age ability and what they like to do – whether it be to bounce, climb or have an adventure.

When inviting your kid’s friends, be sure to choose a a bounce house invitation that reflects the fun they’re about to have at the party. Our bounce house party invitations come in girly or vibrant primary colored designs with charming cartoons, die-cuts, fill-ins, flip-out invitations and designer paper available. On the invitation remember to remind your guests to wear or bring socks so that they can play!

Begin the party with letting everyone bounce and play and then follow-up with pizza, cake, games and presents. You can even let the kids bounce just one more time at the end of the party, depending on the length of your bounce house rental. Remember to have your child write thank you notes after the party to thank their guests for coming to their special party!

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