Baby Shower Stationery – Browsing & Guidelines

Whether you are expecting or have a new arrival in your family, you’re bound to be surrounded with loving friends and family that give you their time, support and of course baby gifts! Make an impression on your loved ones by sending a baby shower thank you note to thank them for all of their kind gestures during this exciting time in your life.

Many moms or mommy-to-be’s forget this important part of gift-giving, which is understandable with the excitement and business of a new baby, however it is extremely important to give thanks to those who have helped you.

Below are a few preview designs from our baby shower stationery collection. Our most popular designs include expecting dress forms, pregnant couples, baby prams, umbrellas, pastels, polka dots, turtles, animals, rattles and more.

After receiving your stationery, make sure you hand write your note to each friend or family member personally. One of the most common faux pas we see in the stationery world is when customers have a pre-printed message on the inside of a thank you note that they give to every guest that sent them a gift or attended their shower. While this is understandable and convenient, proper etiquette dictates that a pre-printed message should never be used. It portrays the image that you do not have time to thank them for the gift that they personally selected for you. In other words, since they took the time to get you a gift, please take the time to hand write a note. Just a simple “Thank you for you kind gift of the baby mobile. I love the colors and it will go great in the baby’s room. It was great to see you…” will suffice.

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