Kid’s Fill-In Invitations & Kid’s Fill-In Thank Yous

One of the most recent fads in the invitation world is fill-in invitations and thank you notes for kids. They come in a variety of party themes with bright colors, whimsical cartoon designs and the most adorable graphics you’ve ever seen.

Fill-in invitations are great for busy parents that need to give out invitations in a short period of time, or for those on a budget trying to save on printing costs. The fill-ins are pre-printed with party text and lines for you to fill-in the “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “When” and “RSVP”. Each fill-in invitation comes with matching colored envelopes for an added colorful expression. Choose from various themes like:

Country & Western
Trains & Automobiles
Safari Animals
Ice Skating
Rock Star

…and many more!

After the party, make sure you pick up the matching fill-in thank you notes that coordinate with your invitation…or pick one that expresses your child’s unique personality. They come with the same colorful, whimsical and fun graphics that the invitations have, along with brightly colorful matching envelopes. The fill-in thank you notes are really great for kids because they take care of the “thanks” part of the thank you note, and allow your child to fill in their gift information and add a little note on their own. This makes writing thank you notes an easy task for both parents and kids. Here is a sample of one of the fill-in invitations text:

Thank you so much!

Dear ___________________,

I really loved the ______________________________.
It was just great!

From: _________________________

So next time you’re on a budget or just need a quick kid’s party invitation…check out our fill-in invitations and thank you notes from SanLori Designs.

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