Bachelorette Party Invitations

It’s your last night being single, before the big day when you will walk down the aisle, and return as a married woman. Live it up one last time with a bachelorette party with your favorite gal-pals, bridesmaids and girly family members.

A bachelorette party can be as simple as a bridal shower with a girl’s night at the local pub at the end all the way to a destination getaway in a warm location for a weekend of wild and crazy bachelorette activities. Whatever type of bachelorette party you’re thinking of planning, make sure it’s one that the bride will appreciate and one that makes her and her groom comfortable.

The bridal party is typically the group of people that plan the bachelorette party for the bride. Plan out who to invite, where you’ll be going, transportation and hotel arrangements if necessary. You may even want to purchase matching shirts, a sash that says “bachelorette” for the bride, and a mini-veil. These fun props will add a little extra pizzaz to your fun night.

Once you’ve decided on your bachelorette party events, pick out your bachelorette party invitations at InvitationBox…one that captures the essence of your planned night of fun. We have great invitations including girls’ night heels, stripper guy, lingerie, piano bar and many others. Make sure you mail out your invites at least 3 weeks in advance or longer if you are having a weekend event and hotel/transportation accommodations will be needed.

For great bachelorette party ideas, I found a great website that will help plan the mildest to wildest of bachelorette or sorority parties…check out !

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