Easter Stuffed Animals

Easter is on it’s way…and it’s not always just about candy. Brighten a child’s Easter morning by including a fun toy, book or stuffed animal in the top of their Easter basket. Our GUND collection of Easter stuffed animals features Dweezle Jr. the brown furry bunny who holds an Easter basket of colorful eggs on his lap and Dunkster the talking duck who sings “Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath” with his terrycloth towel and yellow feathers.

For the girls we have pink, purple and white super-soft bunny purses that feature a puffed out bunny face, embroidered noses, flowers by the ears and dangling arms and legs at the bottom to make it look like a real stuffed animal. Each purse has a soft handle for easy carrying with a Velcro closure.

And don’t forget about the young ones! We also have a Learn with Me Easter book that is made of corduroy and features a bunny face with the phrase “B is for Bunny” on the front. Flip the following four plush pages which include words about your child’s favorite Easter stuffed animals like the lamb, horse, duck and pig. This fun toy multiples as an Easter toy and a learning tool for your baby or toddler. It also helps the older kids learning to read.

Make sure you pick up your Easter stuffed animals or toys while supplies last…Easter is hopping over sooner than you know it.

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