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Rock star and movie star themed parties are becoming more and more popular for kids from ages 4-16. We all watch Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, the Jonas Brothers and many others and think about what it would be like to be a star for a day. So why not make that thought a reality for your child and his/her friends with a movie or rock star party in their honor?!

Invitations – A great place to start! Choose an invitation that really gets your guests excited and talking about the party. For a rock star party, you may want to use an invitation with a guitar, music notes, flashy colors or maybe even a CD! For a movie star party, you might look for an invitation with a red carpet, make-up, a DVD or an academy awards theme! Decide where you are having the party and be sure to include all details for the guests and their parents. Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite celebrity and ready for a night of glamour and style.

Set-up/Decorations – Depending on where you are having the party, whether it is at home or at a separate location, decorations will be essential. The most popular decorations will be helium balloons, metallic fringe, music notes or maybe even some bright lights or spotlights. You can even go above and beyond by hanging up movie or music posters of your favorite celebrities, hanging CDs from the ceiling with clear line or rolling out a “red carpet” made of fabric from your local craft store. If you’re having a party outside of your home, a great idea to make sure the guests arrive on-time would be to pick each guest up in a limo, Hollywood-Style, and have the limo drive the kids to their party location. You can even ask parents and friends to post as paparazzi outside of the party location to snap photos of the kids and make them feel like a celebrity.

Activities – Now to the fun stuff! If you don’t already ask your guests to come dressed in movie or rock star attire, it’s always fun to set up makeup, hair, nail and clothing stations for each guest to go through. After you’re done getting ready you can take pictures of each guest in their celebrity attire. You can even have a parent print out the pictures (if taken digitally) and put them in a frame for the kids to decorate at the party. Need games? Try Hollywood charades, karaoke or guitar hero.

Food/Cake – Just because movie stars and rock stars eat like rabbits doesn’t mean you have to! Set up munchies around the room like popcorn, Cheetos, M&M’s and other fun treats. Want to go a step up? Find out what the birthday girl’s favorite celebrity eats and have his/her favorite foods out to share. You could even pour some sparkling apple cider into wine glasses to have pretend champagne, (for the older kids). For cake, you can ask your local bakery if they can make a cake in a guitar or star shape. Some bakeries could even make a square cake with a red carpet on it with a photo of the birthday boy/girl at the end. Another great idea for rock star parties would be to make ice cream cone cupcakes – where you pour the cake batter into the ice cream cone and then bake it – which look like microphones when finished.

Favors/Thank You Notes – Finished at last! It’s always nice to give your guests something to take home with them when they leave. For a goodie bag, you may want to include a feather boa, inflatable guitar, makeup, fake tattoos or a picture of the guest photo shopped into a picture of their favorite movie star. Or, if you don’t have a digital camera or time to print the pictures out during the party, you can always include the picture in the thank you note you’ll be sending after the event.

Ready to rock out?!
Your guests will be talking about your party for weeks – just like the tabloids!

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