Planning a Party with Today’s Economy

With the way the economy is today, it is sometimes stressful to think about having a birthday party for your son or daughter when funds are so tight. Of course, you want them to have a great birthday party, but don’t want to be broke for the months after either. Below are some great budget-saving tips to help you plan your child’s upcoming birthday extravaganza!

1. Instead of mailing out your invitations, have the kids hand deliver them at school or aftercare.

2. Need extra chairs and tables? Try contacting your local school or church to see if you can use theirs for a small donation.

3. Whenever possible, bring your own food and beverages rather than using what your venue provides.

4. Start a “party pool” with your child’s friend’s parents so that each person brings a food or drink item to the party for each child’s birthday to help reduce costs.

5. Think home! Host a slumber party or a themed party at your house rather than renting a venue.

6. Rent a movie for a sleepover rather than taking 10 kids to a movie theater.

7. Time the party in-between meal times so that you are only responsible for providing snacks, cake and ice cream.

8. When choosing an invitation, keep your theme and budget in-sight. Watch for sales and join mailing lists early so that you can make use of online discount coupons!

9. Buy goodie-bag items at a discount store or send the kids home with a craft that they can make at the party.

10. Ask your child what type of party they’d really like to have. Chances are, your expectations may be more than your child’s. Work together to come up with a great party.

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