Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Wedding season is coming in full swing…which means many of our customers will be tying the knot very soon! A tradition before weddings is for the groom’s family to host a rehearsal dinner for the bridal party after the church or ceremony rehearsal. It’s a great way to thank your bridesmaids, groomsmen or any person who has assisted you throughout your journey while planning your wedding. In more modern times, the hosts have even invited the out-of-town guests coming to the wedding as a way to thank them for their travels.

Rehearsal dinners can be formal or very casual and in no way must be related to the wedding. Go with an Italian theme, Asian, barbecue – maybe even a luau! The sky is the limit and the most important thing is that your guests are comfortable and relaxed before your big day!

Whatever the theme, we at InvitationBox do our best to have a coordinating invitation – take a look at some of the most popular rehearsal dinner invitations below…

Remember, rehearsal dinners are a great time to give gifts to the bridal party and groomsmen to thank them for their support. You may even want to give a toast in their honor. But don’t stress yourself out too much about this pre-wedding night – make it fun, relaxing and something everyone can enjoy before you walk down that aisle into wedding bliss.

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