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Bridal Shower Invitations

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Planning a bridal shower can be a daunting task for any member of the bridal party, friend or family member. There’s an event to be planned, guests to invite, gifts and decorations to be purchased – the list goes on. The main sentiment to remember when planning a bridal shower is that this event should revolve around showering the bride with love, support and the tools to help her ease into her marriage. Follow these guidelines below to plan the perfect bridal shower…

The Host & Budget – The host of a bridal shower is traditionally the bride’s maid of honor. The maid of honor is responsible for planning the event and it’s expenses. However, the maid of honor may certainly accept financial assistance or party planning help from the remaining bridesmaids or bride’s family members if offered. In more modern times, it is also acceptable and becoming more popular for the bridal shower to be hosted by the entire bridal party as well.

Theme – The chosen theme for your bridal shower will set the tone for the entire event. Start by imagining what type of affair the bride would prefer. If the bride is fairly shy or reserved, you will want to have an intimate shower with close family and friends in a quiet location. If the bride is extremely excited and energetic, you may want to have a larger event with games and entrainment planned. When choosing a theme, keep in mind what gifts the bride and groom may need. For example, you may want to have a kitchen or bed & bath shower if the bride and groom are moving to a new location, or perhaps a money tree if there will be a destination wedding. Another alternative would be a lingerie shower if the bride and groom have all of the things they need. The theme of the bridal shower should reflect the bride’s personality and needs for her marriage.

Below are a few great bridal shower themes…

Lingerie Shower
Kitchen Shower
Stock the Bar Shower
His & Hers Shower
Wine & Cheese Shower
Linen Shower
Bed & Bath Shower
A to Z Shower
Naughty & Nice Shower
Patio Shower
Bed & Breakfast Shower
Around the Clock Shower

Guest List – After choosing a theme, decide if you want to have a women only shower or a couple’s shower. You may want to ask the bride or groom’s family who they would like to be invited to the shower, as well as any of the bride and groom’s friends, colleagues, old college roommates, etc. Keep in mind the host’s budget to prevent inviting too many guests.

Party Details – Date, Time, Location – Once your theme and guest list is chosen, you will need to choose the date, time and location for your event. The bridal shower should be held approximately 6-8 weeks before the wedding and the theme of the shower may dictate where or when the event should be held. Choose a time that will accommodate the bride as well as the guests you will be inviting. When choosing a location, consider how far your guests will be traveling and what accommodations are available.

Invitations – Your bridal shower invitations should be mailed approximately 3-4 weeks before the event. Be sure to order your invitations approximately 2-3 weeks before you would like to mail them out to allow for processing time, addressing, stuffing and mailing. When picking out your bridal shower invitations, choose a card that reflects the theme of your event. InvitationBox has a variety of invitations available for almost any type of shower. From pastels, stripes and polka dots to lingerie, palm trees and couple’s showers, we’re sure to have an invitation to suit your needs.

Below are a few of the unique invitations available…

Games, Food & Gifts – After mailing your invitations, begin planning the events of the shower. Name tags are a great idea if you have many guests coming from many different locations. A great idea would be to put the guest’s name on one line and how they know the bride on the second line. For example: “Anna Smith – Sorority sister of the bride”. Plan a few ice breaker games and have prizes available for the winner. Be sure to have plenty of food and beverages available for your guests, whether it be hors d’oeuvres or a full catered meal. Have a table set aside for gifts to go on display. You may want to have a wishing well of small themed gifts for the bride/groom. Another idea would be to have each guest write a small note of encouragement or advice to the bride and groom and collect them in a small basket to be read after the shower. A great gift-opening tradition at bridal showers is to have one of the bridesmaids collect all of the ribbons and bows as the gifts are opened and attach them to a paper plate. The bride can then use this ribbon bouquet at her wedding rehearsal.

Whatever theme, invitation or location chosen for the bridal shower you’re hosting, you’re sure to host a party that the bride will not soon forget. As long as she is surrounded by family, friends and loved ones, she’ll have all she needs to prepare her for marriage.

Movie Party Invitations

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Something smells like popcorn!! One of the most popular party ideas/themes for kids ages 7-13 is movie parties. Parents will invite all guests to take a trip to the local cinema in honor of the birthday boy or girl and supply the guests with popcorn and candy (the essentials), a movie and a great time! Some kids will even ask their friends to come dressed as a character from the movie they’ll be seeing or their favorite actor/actress. You can even have a pretend red carpet for when your guests arrive to your house and have them pose for pictures which they can later take home with them.

Take a look at some of the great movie party invitations on which feature whimsical and modern movie themes including popcorn, movie tickets, candy, red carpets, movie reels, video cameras, flashing lights and more.

Your child is sure to feel like a superstar after attending their own or someone else’s movie party. It’s a great way to get the kids together for a relaxing party and then have some fun after for presents and cake before the kids parents pick them up.