Movie Party Invitations

Something smells like popcorn!! One of the most popular party ideas/themes for kids ages 7-13 is movie parties. Parents will invite all guests to take a trip to the local cinema in honor of the birthday boy or girl and supply the guests with popcorn and candy (the essentials), a movie and a great time! Some kids will even ask their friends to come dressed as a character from the movie they’ll be seeing or their favorite actor/actress. You can even have a pretend red carpet for when your guests arrive to your house and have them pose for pictures which they can later take home with them.

Take a look at some of the great movie party invitations on which feature whimsical and modern movie themes including popcorn, movie tickets, candy, red carpets, movie reels, video cameras, flashing lights and more.

Your child is sure to feel like a superstar after attending their own or someone else’s movie party. It’s a great way to get the kids together for a relaxing party and then have some fun after for presents and cake before the kids parents pick them up.

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