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Continued: Sweet 16 Party Invitations

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

After choosing your venue, you should be ready to purchase your invitations. Invitations should be mailed approximately 3-5 weeks before the event, and should be purchased approximately 1 month prior to the date you would like the invitations sent out. This will give you time to have the invitations personalized, stuffed and addressed. When picking an invitation, choose one that corresponds or represents your party’s theme.

Below are some great suggestions for your Sweet 16 invitation:

Once you have decided on an invitation, figure out how many invitations you think you will need. Keep in mind that you only need one invitation per couple or household, not one invitation per person. Also, it is suggested to order approximately 10 % extra invitations than you think you will need to hand out to friends or family members whom you forgot to include on your original list. It will save your wallet and time that would be spent on expensive reprints.

Below are a few suggestions for your invitation wording:

The honor of your presence
is requested to celebrate
Liliana’s Sweet Sixteenth Birthday
Saturday, the fifteenth of September
Two thousand and seven
at seven o’clock in the evening
Rocky Hill Marriott Grande Ballroom
555 North Main Avenue
Rocky Hill, Connecticut
Black tie
– – – – –
Please join us for a
Holly E. Diore’s Sweet 16
December 15, 2007
2:00 p.m. – Meet at 456 N. Main Street, Chicago
Manis, Pedis, Hair, Makeup – The Works
7:00 p.m. – Party at 707 Night Club
707 N. Broad Street, Chicago
RSVP by 12/10 to Holly (555) 865-5555
– – – – –
Goodbye to blankets, dolls and bows,
Hello to parties, makeup and beaus
Ella’s turning Sweet 16
and the Franklin Mills Mall is the scene
October 31, 2007
4 – 6 Dinner at Ella’s with family and friends
6-9 Trip to the Mall ~ (transportation provided)
10:00 pickup for parents
456 Hollow Hills Road
Philadelphia, PA
– – – – –
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…
and so are you!
So, please join us to celebrate
Jessica Robert’s Sweet 16th Birthday
September 15, 2007
Dinner 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
DJ 9:00 p.m. – Midnight
Whitacre Mansion
455 Centre Road
White Plains, New York
RSVP to Mrs. Roberts at 555-555-5255
Black and white attire

Once your invitations are ordered, begin to compile a list of events for the evening and place them into a schedule. An organized party will save on time, prevent stress and avoid the last activities of the night from being missed due to time constraints.

If dancing will be integrated into the evening, be sure to set a specific time for this to occur. If you are having a formal party, you may want to have formal music as well as popular or modern music for all guests to enjoy.

Next plan out what type of food you will be having. If you will be having a caterer, check with them regarding whether or not head counts are needed to ensure there is enough food for everyone. Be sure to order a cake for the birthday girl and perhaps incorporate the theme or colors from the party into the design of the cake.

With all of the planning steps outlined above intact, you should be set to have the perfect Sweet 16 birthday for your loved one. It is a party that she and her friends will remember forever.

Sweet 16 Party Invitations

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Years ago, a sixteenth birthday party typically consisted of a few close family members and friends gathering for pizza, cake and ice cream served at the honoree’s home. Nowadays, parties are becoming much more elaborate and the meaning behind the sweet sixteen is more about the transformation from a little girl to a mature woman in society…we’ve all seen the show “Sweet 16” on MTV, right?!

What better way to celebrate her entering adulthood than throwing a sweet 16th birthday party? From the venue, to the theme, budget and invitations, there is so much planning to do in so little time.

The first place to start when planning a Sweet 16 party is deciding on the appropriate date, time and theme. Depending on when the birthday girl’s actual birth date is, you may want to have the party the weekend before or after her birthday. Be mindful of holidays or other guest’s events that may prevent your guests from attending. Pick a time that works for everyone, (i.e. the caterers/restaurant, parents, relatives and guest of honor).

When choosing a theme, take time to discuss with your daughter what type of party she wants to have. Keep her personality in mind and be creative. Some teens will want to celebrate with a formal affair – possibly a black tie or cocktail party. Other teens may not want such a lavish party, and will prefer a BBQ or sleepover with close friends. Whatever type of party your daughter chooses, make sure it is a party that she will cherish and remember for years to come. The theme of the party is one of the things that will make the night most memorable and more fun. Be innovative, original and imaginative – request a specific colored clothing or attire; the possibilities are endless.

Below are a few theme suggestions to help jump start your party planning:

Black Tie
My Brand New Car
DJ & Karaoke
Luau Sweet 16
Diamonds are Forever
Dance Party
Beachy Sweet 16

After deciding on a theme, the next two steps in your party planning go hand-in-hand: budget and venue. Figure out a desired budget before you pick a venue and discuss details about the event. Create your budget with the birthday girl and decide together how much money you would like to spend, and where it should be divided up. This will help the birthday girl appreciate the time and effort you are putting into the party and give you perspective toward which parts of the event are more important to her than others.

The type of venue you choose will mainly depend upon the theme of your party, and the budget you have allotted. For those on a limited budget, you may want to hold the party in a family member’s back yard and rent a tent, or simply rent a hall for the evening, which is fairly inexpensive. If you have money to spare, perhaps renting out a night club, restaurant or mansion for the evening would be ideal. Remember to also keep in mind how many people you will be inviting, so that you pick a venue that will easily accommodate your guests.

After choosing the date, time, theme and venue, you’re more than half way there to creating the party of a lifetime to honor this special time in your daughter’s life.

Stay tuned for more information on invitations, party details, food, dancing and more…