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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Bottles, pacifiers, bibs, rattles, wipes, diapers and blankets…they’re all great gifts, though so A-typical. At most baby showers nowadays, the host will compile a variety of the above gifts and wrap them up in a gift basket for the mommy-to-be. Guests of the shower can contribute to the basket upon their arrival to the shower. So that takes care of the little things – but what are the popular gifts for baby showers this year? What can you purchase that will set your gift apart from others? And more importantly – what is the best gift to purchase for someone on a budget?

Below are a few unique ideas for baby gifts:

$3.00 – $30.00 range ~ Books & Clothes to Grow with
A really special idea is to purchase books or clothing for the newborn baby through their first few years of life. Many times at baby showers, the mommy-to-be will receive gifts for infants, but then once the baby turns a few months or a few years old, they’re out at Toys/Babies ‘R’ Us shopping again and could really use another baby shower! Buying gifts for the child to read or wear as they grow is a really thoughtful gift that any parent would enjoy.

$15.00 – $40.00 range ~ Nursery Décor
An extremely helpful and exciting gift for the mommy-to-be who has been spending much time purchasing large furniture and has not had time to pick up small things like book ends, picture frames, piggy banks, wall hangings, clocks and photo albums. These decorative items will brighten up a baby’s nursery in no time. Remember: you may want to check with the mommy-to-be to see if she has a specific theme she is using in the nursery.

$25.00 – $50.00 range ~ Keepsake Boxes
Moms and Dads are always the ones to hold onto baby’s first lock of hair, first painting, first lost tooth, etc. Why not give them a few keepsake boxes for not only the parent, but for the child to reflect back upon when they get older? It will be a gift that is treasured for years and passed down through generations.

$30.00 – $75.00 range ~ Embroidered Textiles
Some of the hottest items on the market right now are embroidered bibs, onesies and blankets. You can have the cloth embroidered with the baby’s name, (if known), or “Baby [insert last name]”. Many of these textiles can also have their cloth color, thread color and graphics added for further personalization for a personal touch. This will really show the mommy-to-be that you thought about her and took care and planning when purchasing her gift.

$50.00 – $150.00 range ~ Spa Day for Mommy-to-Be
A really unique gift for the mommy-to-be is a gift certificate for her to be pampered for a day. Some spas have special packages for pregnant moms that offer anything from manicures and pedicures to soft massages and haircuts. It will be a thoughtful gift that any pregnant mom will appreciate – a chance for her to relax before the big day arrives.

Any of the above ideas should have you on your way to giving the mommy-to-be the baby shower of a lifetime!

Baby Shower Invitations

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Soon the mommy-to-be’s home will be filled with baby furniture, a crying newborn and very busy parents. Before the little bundle of joy is brought into the world, why not celebrate with a baby shower and assist Mom in obtaining all the things she needs to help her baby play, learn and grow?

Planning a baby shower is a very caring and selfless thing to do for your family member or friend. It all begins with an invitation which will set the tone for your event. You may want to start by picking a theme that you will use to decorate your invitations and party favors.

Below are a few suggestions for baby shower themes:

Nursery rhymes
A to Z
Baby feet
Noah’s Ark
Solids and stripes
Cute as a button

After picking a theme, search through the many baby shower invitations to find the perfect invitation. You will find invitations with bottles, babies, ribbons, curls, pastels, pacifiers and bows – the possibilities are endless and there are many invitations to choose from in formal or casual styles. Be sure to choose an invitation that compliments your theme and portrays the formality of the shower. You do not want to choose a cartoon animal invitation for a very formal pastel themed shower.

Your invitation wording should also indicate the type of shower you are hosting – whether it is a couples or women’s shower, if there are any themes and if needed, where the mommy-to-be is registered. You may even want to include whether or not the mommy-to-be is having a girl or a boy and if their name has been chosen. If you indicate the baby’s name, be sure to make certain that this will not be changing. You do not want Grandma to embroider a blanket with the name “Sarah” if this will later be changed to “Rachel”.

Below are a few suggestions for invitation wording:

Please join us for a couples shower
Jessica and James Miller
and their baby boy-to-be
Saturday, August 24, 2007
at 3 o’clock
1256 N. Messing Blvd.
East Hampton, CT

RSVP to Katie by August 16th (322) 555-5555

Jessie and Jim are registered at Pottery Barn Kids & Babies ‘R’ US
*Please bring a favorite baby book to help stock baby’s new bookshelf

. . .

Baby Miller is making her way into the world
Before she arrives, please join us for
a Baby Shower honoring
Jessica Miller
Saturday, August 24, 2007
at 3 o’clock
1256 N. Messing Blvd.
East Hampton, CT

Hosted with love by:
Cammie Winston, Jenni Rogers, Tara Smith

Please reply to Tara by August 17th or 555-5555

Jessie is registered at Babies ‘R’ US

. . .

A is for Apple Bits, B is for Bottles, C is for Cradles…

Please join us for an A to Z shower for
Jessica Miller
Annabelle Marie (her baby girl-to-be)!!

Saturday, August 24th
at 3 o’clock
1256 N. Messing Blvd.
East Hampton, CT

Hosted by her mother, Alice Cunningham
Please reply by August 22nd – 306.555.5563

Your letter is ______

Your invitations should be sent approximately three to six weeks before the baby shower. If you have a reply-by date, this should be no longer than two weeks before the date of the event. Be sure to allow yourself enough time after the reply-by date to plan for food and games for all attendees.