Choosing the Correct Stationery Sets

So you’ve decided to take a step up from the typical department store generic note card and use something special, personal and as thoughtful as the reason for writing the note. Now you just need to thumb through the thousands of options out there, and choose the right type, color and size note card that reflects you as a person.

As a rule of thumb, women should use a small folded note – typically about 3.5 x 5 inches in size. Traditional etiquette would suggest having the woman’s name centered on the middle front of the card, perhaps with a motif centered directly below the name. More modern stationery would have the name bottom centered or on the lower right corner of the card. Your hand written note should go on the inside lower portion of the note card. Or, if you have a lot to write, you may write on the inside top portion or the back portion of the note card. Traditional note card colors include white and ecru, yet with modern times, many more colors and varieties are becoming available. You should choose a note card that best reflects your personality and the message you want to convey to the recipient of the note.

Men should use a flat card rather than a folded note. The standard size for a flat card is approximately 4 x 6 inches or larger, if needed. Men’s flat cards are typically larger to accommodate larger hand writing. They should be adorned with the man’s name printed across the top of the card. Motifs on male note cards are not seen as often as on women’s note cards, but are certainly acceptable. White or ecru is the standard card stock color used, however a charcoal or slate blue flat card would be a more contemporary alternate choice.

No matter what type of stationery you choose for your note cards, thoughtfulness is shown when you take the time to write someone a personal note. With the growing popularity of email, texting and instant messaging, the traditional hand written note is becoming less common. In this day and age of hectic schedules, a hand written note shows the recipient that you care enough about them to take a moment to personally communicate your thoughts to them.

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