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Naming Etiquette

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Whose name goes first?

One of the most common mistakes when choosing the text for the front of your note card or even written on a formal invitation is the order in which a married couple’s name appears. Below are a few examples of the correct and incorrect way to write your married names:

Correct: Mindy and Alex
Incorrect: Alex and Mindy

*A bride’s name should always be printed before a groom’s name, as well as a wife’s name should always be written before her husband’s. The reason for this is that she is “given away” to her groom and thus should be first.

Correct: Mindy and Alex Johnson
Incorrect: Alex and Mindy Johnson

*A man should never be separated from his last name. Thus when you write “Alex and Mindy Johnson”, the “and Mindy” part is separating “Alex” from his last name “Johnson”.

Correct: Mr. and Mrs. Alex Johnson
Correct: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

Incorrect: Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Mindy Johnson
Incorrect: Mr. and Mrs. Mindy and Alex Johnson

*If using “Mr. and Mrs.” for titles, only the man’s name should follow the titles. The first incorrect example does not work because it breaks the rule to never separate a man from his last name. While the names are in the correct order in the second incorrect example, the names do not match up with the order of the titles. For example, “Mr.” would be matched with “Mindy” and “Mrs.” would be matched with “Alex”. It is best to simply use both titles with the man’s first and/or last name.

What is the correct use of Junior?

Correct: Jonathan R. Turner, junior
Correct: Johnathan R. Turner, Jr.

Incorrect: Jonathan R. Turner Junior
Incorrect: Jonathan R. Turner, jr.

*There are two ways to write “junior” after a man’s name: either “junior” or “Jr.” if using the abbreviation. Both versions of “junior” should be prefaced with a comma after the last name. The word “junior” should not be capitalized and the abbreviation “Jr.” should not be lower cased.

Happy writing…

Vendor Spotlight…Paper so Pretty Invitations

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

We have so many vendors it can be hard to view them all in just one visit to our website. I thought I’d make things a little bit easier for our readers and browsers with a weekly spotlight on one of our top vendors…enjoy!

Known for their bold colors, adorable designs, glitter cards and famous “Wigglers”, one of our most popular vendors has the perfect invitations, holiday cards, stationery and laser paper to add a little pizzazz to your upcoming event! Introducing…

What makes this vendor so unique is that they really have a knack for designing invitations for every stage of life, any personality style and any type of party. Look below to get a preview of their outstanding one-of-a-kind products:

The Famous “Wiggler” and “Glitter” Cards:

Imagine an invitation that’s so eye-catching that it actually pops out at you and then wiggles, jiggles and dances! These funky invitations have die cut top cards that are attached to the bottom card with a spring that makes the die cut move. Some of the wiggler top cards are even decorated with glitter for an added pop. You’ll be certain to receive kudos on your invitations with these cards!

Everyday Collection:

Invite your friends and family to your upcoming event with these unique and fun invitations. Choose from a flat card, die-cut or even a fold-up invitation that compliments your party’s theme. Whether you’re hosting a fiesta, cocktail hour, baby or bridal shower, sleepover, pool party or luau – there’s sure to be a design to coordinate.

Designer Paper:

Designer paper is a great idea for an invitation, menu, certificate, annual holiday letter – or more! Browse through the many whimsical designs and themes – be it a fiesta, holiday party, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, laser tag, Mardi Gras or racing car theme.

Paper So Pretty has such a vast array of fun, colorful and energetic designs, die cuts, bobble heads, jewel embellishments and more. Their designs are perfect for children, teens and adults and will warm their way into your heart!