A Guide to Moving Announcements

The boxes are slowly being packed, moving arrangements have been made, new job is aligned and now all you need is a way to let everyone know – YOU’RE MOVING!

A moving announcement can be something as simple as listing your new address to friends and family on a small piece of stationery, or be an elaborate creation including your address, phone, email and family members’ information. Whatever route you decide to go, your moving announcement should reflect your personality and the reason for moving. If you’re moving for professional reasons, you may want to tailor your stationery and wording to a more mature audience. If you’re packing up the kids and moving cross-country you may want to send a more fun announcement with some humor or cartoon graphics. The main element to your moving announcement should be purchasing something that is to the point yet memorable.

Moving announcements should be sent anywhere from one week prior to one month after your move. Be sure to order your moving announcements 2-3 weeks before you want to send them. This will allow for your order to be processed and give you time to address your envelopes before sending them. As hectic as moving can be, you may not have time to send the announcements the day you move, so be prepared early.

Announcements should be sent to all family and friends, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, etc. – anyone you’d like to keep in touch with after you move or with whom you would like to have your new contact information.

Traditional moving announcements have your new address, phone number, email address and the names of any family members moving along with you. A more modern moving announcement can double as both a going away party invitation and a moving announcement. You may even want to start your own website and post pictures of your new home and move for long-distance friends and family to see.

Whatever the reason for your move, your friends and family will appreciate the fact that you remembered them and want them to have your new contact information. They will remember the creative way you announced that you were moving for years to come.

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