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One of the most important necessities for baby development and healthiness today is sleep. One of our vendors promotes just that – a way for your baby to achieve a safer and calmer sleep. Introducing…

Cloud b products are designed not only for babies, but their parents as well. Their products are designed to provide your baby with a tranquil and peaceful sleep that will not only allow your tired baby to rest, but give the parents a much needed break as well. Cloud b has received awards for their products, such as the Gold National Parenting Award and iParenting Award.

Their unique products include Sleep Sheep, Lullabags and Twilight Constellation Turtles.

Sleep Sheep
Four unique sounds will lull your baby to sleep with this soft and cozy Sleep Sheep toy. The sheep is designed to allow for comfort and effortless sleep for both babies and adults. Four soothing sounds include a mother’s heartbeat, spring showers, ocean surf and whale songs. The sheep even has a Velcro tab to attach the sheep to the outside of your baby’s crib. Sleep Sheep comes with a removable sound box with adjustable volume control. The sound time can be set to either 23 or 45 minutes. Batteries are included.

Let your baby snuggle up at night in this comfy-cozy wearable blanket. The LullaBag blanket has arm openings for ventilation and a continuous dual-headed zipper to allow for partial or complete opening – great for those late night diaper changes. The blanket also includes a zipper guard to protect your baby’s face. The outer part of the blanket is made from 100% cotton and has a super-soft cotton knit blend inner lining. The top of the LullaBag is adorned with a Sleep Sheep & Friends character.

LullaBag promotes longer and safer naps for your baby and reduces risk factors associated with SIDS. Your baby will go to sleep in their everyday night-time clothing and then will be placed into the LullaBag right before going to sleep.

Twilight Constellation Turtle
The Twilight Constellation Turtle is not only a fun toy for your little one to play with, but also a learning tool for all members of the family to enjoy. The Twilight Constellation Turtle is the first and only plush constellation night light created.

The turtle’s hard shell will turn your baby’s room into a planetarium by projecting a starry sky onto the room’s walls an ceiling. Twilight Turtle comes with three starry sky color options: green, blue and amber. Each starry sky comes with adjustable brightness levels to create the perfect skyscape for your child to enjoy. The star patterns display eight different constellations which can be identified with the Twilight Turtle Star Guide. Batteries are included.

Happier, healthier babies make happier, healthier moms and dads. Why not give your child or loved one the gift of a peaceful night’s rest…

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