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Wedding Wednesday – Destination Weddings

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

When you’re getting married, all that matters is love and being with that one special person that you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. On this ‘Wedding Wednesday’ I thought I’d share a little bit about destination weddings and their growing popularity over the past few years.

A destination wedding can be a whole week long event for the bride, groom, their family and friends. The bride and groom will pick a favorite or interesting location for their wedding and typically will honeymoon there after. This also gives your guests a vacation after the wedding too! When planning a destination wedding, keep in mind that depending on your guests budgets, this may be a minimally attended event. However, the most important thing is to celebrate your love with your closest family and friends. You can always have a separate reception upon your return for the guests that could not attend your event.

The best thing to do is send a save the date card about 8 months prior to your wedding. This save the date should include your wedding info, location and any travel information you have gathered. Many brides and grooms will include a separate card with their save the date with a wedding website, hotel and other accommodation information. The more information you can give your guests ahead of time the better chances they will be able to attend. When choosing a save the date card, choose one with a theme that matches your wedding and destination, like palm trees, mountains or a city background. Many couples are even sending fake luggage tags to guests with their wedding details on it!

When planning a destination wedding it is a great idea to have a wedding planner assist you in the location where you are having your event. This way they will be informed about the area’s cultures, customs, marriage license rules and vendors in the area. They can be more of a liaison for you and your vendors. When planning your finite details like the cake, flowers, decorations and dress try to be consistent but remember that you don’t have to go over the top. If your scenery is beautiful, you can go simple with the decorations. Also remember that if you’re in 110 degree weather a huge princess dress may not be the most practical (and you will have to take it on the plane)! Remember to hire a local photographer who can really capture the essence of your day and location…they will be treasured for years to come.