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Wedding Wednesday – Asian Fusion Themed Invitations

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Do you have to be Asian to have an Asian or oriental themed wedding? Absolutely not! Today oriental or Asian themed weddings are a growing trend for many couples. You can be into “zen” as a couple, have oriental roots or maybe you just like a little west-coast flair in your east-coast life. Whatever the reasons, your Asian inspired wedding will be one that all of your guests can enjoy.

Asian weddings can have many inspirations and cultures brought together that offer a vibrant array of stunning colours including crimson, vermilion, orange, ruby, yellow, amber, lemon, gold and more. You can incorporate Japanese or Chinese cultures, or both into your flowers (orchids, cherry blossoms, lilies, bamboo), cake (think white base with a floral accentuation), decorations (lanterns, red linens and gold tableware) and more. Your wedding dress does not always have to follow the oriental theme, however adding a floral piece to the side of your hair that matches the flowers in your bouquet is always a nice touch.

One of our most popular wedding invitations is the Love Foldover Wedding Invitation and Collection by Embossed Graphics.

wedding invitations

The invitation features a textured red pepper outer card with the Chinese character of live shimmering in red foil. Open the card for the symbol’s three part lineage balancing a boxed announcement in basic black or gold metallic ink. It’s simply stunning to see. We also feature the set’s reply card, reception card and informal note which all come with matching white envelopes.

bel amour wedding invitations

This oriental themed invitation has inspired the collage of Asian wedding photos above which I hope inspires you when planning your own Asian-Fusion wedding.