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Baby Shower Week at – Baby Shower Themes

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Having a baby is a very exciting time for the parents-to-be. Helping the expecting parents prepare for their new baby by hosting a baby shower in their honor is essential and so very much appreciated. When planning a baby shower the sky is the limit. It can be simple and understated, moderate and full of family and friends or extravagant and over the top. Do the parents-to-be already have everything they need? Not a problem. Host a charity baby shower and donate all gifts to a needy family while still celebrating the expecting couple.

When planning a baby shower, it’s a good idea to set the shower date for about a month before the mommy-to-be’s due date. This way if she goes into labor early she will have already had her shower and she won’t be completely uncomfortable while attending the shower.

When choosing a baby shower theme, there are so many to choose from. Take a look at some of the most common showers we’ve listed below:

Gender Neutral
Couple’s Shower
Everything Pink
Everything Blue
Diaper Shower
Jungle/Safari Animals
Pampering Mom
Books for Baby

Whatever the theme, the main goal should be to provide the mom with what she needs so that she is ready for her new arrival. So whether it’s building her baby’s book shelf or filling up the nursery with decorations or baby clothes – she’ll have everything she registered for. Remember to have the mommy and daddy-to-be register at a few places so that all attending and non-attending guests can give a gift if they’d like to; some place that is convenient and has multiple items that is on the parent’s wish list.

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