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Pottery Painting Party Invitations

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Get your art-on with a ceramics or pottery painting party for your kid’s next birthday. These parties are great for inviting girls AND boys and typically involve each child picking out a ceramic or clay animal, mug, plate or character to paint and design as they wish. Most pottery art studios have stencils for the artistically challenged, stamps, sponges, idea books and plenty of helpers! At the end of the party each kid gets to take home their masterpiece…what is better than that?!

painting invitations

Depending on where you book your party and what type/size of item the kids will be painting, these parties can be slightly expensive. But not to worry if you’re on a budget…many craft stores nowadays offer something called Active Clay so that you can host your OWN pottery party out of your home. This clay is malleable for the kids to be able to actually create their own animal, character or artful masterpiece and allow it to dry, (these types of artworks work best for sleepovers), the night before. The next morning all the kids can wake up and paint their pottery before going home. The only things you’ll need will be active clay, paints, clear acrylic spray paint and clay tools for sculpting. Active clay dries to look like it was placed in a kiln but no heat or fire is required. It is available in white, terracotta and green.

Need some great invitations to get the kids ready for your child’s ultra-fun pottery party? We’ve got you covered with this array of art-themed invitations:

painting party invitations

Don’t forget…pottery/ceramics painting parties are great for adults too! Many pottery companies offer programs for team-building office activities, mother-daughter classes and holiday painting gift classes.