Pool Party Invitations

“Summer nights…Everybody are you with me? Let that Igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise!” – Rascal Flatts

beach party invitations What’s the coolest party to have during the hottest months of the year? A pool party, of course! Offer some summertime relief to your guests by hosting a wild, crazy and fun pool party with your favorite friends and family members! Pool parties are a great idea for kids AND adults because it allows everyone to relax, socialize and enjoy some time in the sun with good food and friends while getting a tan! What could be better than that?!

pool party invitations Send your pool party invitations out at least two weeks in advance as people tend to be busy in the summertime with other arrangements, vacations and such. Choose a pool party invitation that portrays the type of pool part you’ll be hosting – whether it’s a BBQ event with kids, family and friends, a water slide fun park, a pool cocktail party or a relaxing soirée with your closest of friends. InvitationBox.com has some great pool party invitations out for the upcoming summer months with pool scenes, pool toys, flip flop themes, water slides and more.

Now for the essentials…When planning your pool party, make sure you incorporate some of these fun ideas that will make your pool party a SPLASH!!!

summer party invitationsSET-UP: Make sure your pool has enough space for the sun-worshippers AND those who need a little escape from the sun. It may be nice to set up your food in the shade to offer a little sun-relief for your guests, or set up beach umbrellas. Decorate your tables with bright, summery colors that remind you of the summer like hot pink, yellow, aqua blue and orange. Be sure to also have an array of pool toys for everyone to play with like a beach ball, pool noodles, flippers, goggles, diving sticks, tubes, rafts and swimmies for the kids, if needed.

pool invitations FOOD/DRINKS: Have lots of finger foods available for your guests, (nothing heavy), like chips & salsa, pretzels, burgers, hot dogs, cookies. Since it will be hot be sure to have an array of drinks available for all ages like water, soda, pina coladas, margaritas & daiquiris, (available alcoholic & non-alcoholic). It might even be fun to have ice cream available toward the end of the festivities.

FAVORS: When leaving send each guest home with a mini or travel sized aloe or after-suntan lotion! Wrap it in a cute ribbon with a summer drink recipe attached. Your guests will appreciate the kind gesture!

beach invitations

Ready to go for a swim yet? Grab your flippers and goggles because this pool party is gonna be one for the books…

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