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Jungle & Safari Invitations

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

It’s a jungle out there! Bring the wild to your own backyard with a Safari themed party for your little monkey’s next birthday! Safari parties are fun, vibrant and allow all kinds of variations for your personal budget. You can incorporate your Safari theme into your invitations, party decorations, games & activities, cake, party favors and maybe even party costumes or hats!

When picking out your child’s Safari Party Invitations, choose one that has your child’s all-time favorite jungle animal or maybe an invitation that incorporates the most popular safari animals like giraffes, elephants, zebras or monkeys. At InvitationBox we have an array of die-cut invitations, wiggler invitations, top-fold invitations and large flat invitations that feature your favorite jungle friends. When writing your invitation wording you can use jungle jargon like “Expedition starts at 7 o’clock”, “Explorers should dress like their favorite jungle animal” or phrases like “It’s a jungle out there!”. Take a look at some of the most creative Safari Party Invitation designs below…

jungle invitations

safari invitationsFor the decorations, you can transform your backyard, basement or living room into the tropical rainforest by pasting up cut-out palm trees, tropical birds and monkeys. Make a waterfall by taping blue streamers on the wall repeatedly to look like the falls and then set up a kiddie pool below it with exploration toys for the kids to play with. Play a CD of jungle or safari sounds in the background during the party. Run to your local craft store ahead of time and pick up some adorable safari hats made out of foam for each kid. These typically cost only a dollar and come in a variety of animal choices. If they don’t have them, making safari animal hats is a great party-activity to involve all the kids in. For other games, play musical chairs with stuffed safari animals instead of the actual chairs. Take an animal away each time and when the music stops each kid has to grab the closest animal. Winner gets to take the last animal home.

monkey invitationsMake a cake that looks like your child’s favorite safari animal or make the entire cake into a jungle filled with gummy worms and dirt, blue icing for the water hole and sugar safari animals. Give the other food at the party a jungle name like rattlesnake hotdogs, spider pretzels, roach burgers or fly dip for chips. For party favors give each kid a pair of toy binoculars to take home or take a picture of each kid and Photoshop them during the party into a safari picture. Be as creative as possible and your safari party will be one for the books!