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RSVP Etiquette & Response Cards

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

We all have had this happen one time or another – we send out 75 invitations, 40 people reply they are attending and then 60 people show up! Today’s modern generation for some reason just does not like to RSVP, which can be a frustrating situation for the host of a party.

The trick with RSVP’s is to give a reply-by date on the invitation along with your RSVP. This will give a strong message to your guests that the host needs to know the number attending for a specific reason, be it space at the location, catering or favors. The length of time for a reply-by date is typically about 1-2 weeks for a casual event, 3-4 weeks for a formal event or wedding. Just remember to give yourself enough cushion time so that in the days after the RSVP you have time to contact those guests that did not RSVP. Try to refrain from using “regrets only”. While this provides you with less phone calls or emails, this also may cause you to be expecting a large number of guests when only a small number attend your event.

If you are hosting a formal event, you may want to send a response card along with your invitation. If doing so, you should not include any RSVP information on your invitation. Simply enclose the response card in the invitation envelope. Remember to stamp the response card with postage and also have the return address written on the front of the RSVP card envelope so that all your guests have to do is fill out the reply and mail it in to you. When writing a response card you want to include the request for the reply, a reply by date, a “M________________” line for the guest to write in their name(s) and areas for the guest to check off whether or not they are attending. Depending on the space available on your response card, it is acceptable to include brief descriptions of meal choices if necessary. Refrain from using “will____attend” as guests will not know what to write if the ARE attending – do they write yes? Put a check there?

Need a response card for your next event? Our InvitationBox response cards come in a variety of colors, borders, patterns and designs. Check some of them out below! All can be ordered without envelopes if needed so that you can use the card for reception cards, accommodations cards, meal cards or directions cards.

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