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Baby Shower Week at – Baby Shower Invitations

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Picking out baby shower invitations can be almost as fun as planning the shower itself! You can choose from gender neutral shower invitations, baby boy shower invitations, baby girl shower invitations or even our couples baby shower invitations that celebrate both parents. Is the mommy-to-be expecting more than one? We also have an excellent selection of multiple baby shower invites for soon-to-be parents of multiples. If you have a baby shower theme, it’s a great idea to incorporate that theme into your invitations to get your guests excited for the party and they may even plan a gift according to your theme.

Baby Boy Shower Invitations: Our selection of boy baby shower invitations has a variety of options for couples showers or traditional baby showers featuring expecting silhouettes, formal layered cards and pockets, ribbon and polka dotted invitations. We also have fun and whimsical invitations themed with transportation, teddy bear, animal, rattle, blue, sports, duck and stork designs.

Baby Girl Shower Invitations: Our selection of girl baby shower invitations has a variety of options for couples showers or traditional baby showers featuring expecting silhouettes, formal layered cards and pockets, ribbon and polka dotted invitations. We also have sweet and nurturing invitations themed with bunnies and teddy bears, animal, rattle, pink and purple, safari, princess, flower and stork designs.

Gender Neutral Shower Invitations: Our selection of gender neutral baby shower invitations has a variety of options for couples showers or traditional baby showers featuring expecting mommies, formal layered cards and die-cut invitations, ribbon, die cut and polka dotted invitations. We also have cute and juvenile invitations themed with yellow giraffes and teddy bears, animals, baby prams, green, yellow and orange neutral colors, safari, rattle, stripe and diaper designs that all cater to your baby, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Multiples Shower Invitations: Our selection of multiples shower invitations features die-cuts, ribbons, vellums and flat invitations with multiple themes, two peas in a pod, TWIN themes, prams, rattles and more…all catered to your twins, triplets or more!!

Couple’s Shower Invitations: Want to include the guys on this one and also celebrate the daddy-to-be? Couple’s showers are great to incorporate the men with the women. Our couple’s shower invitations feature couple silhouettes, pictures of the mommy and daddy-to-be, gift themes and more.

Take a look at some of the great baby shower invitations available at now…

The invitation you choose for your baby shower invitation will set the tone for your event and our classic, trendy and chic invitations are the perfect beginning to a memorable event that will celebrate your baby-to-be.

Baby Shower Week at – Baby Shower Themes

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Having a baby is a very exciting time for the parents-to-be. Helping the expecting parents prepare for their new baby by hosting a baby shower in their honor is essential and so very much appreciated. When planning a baby shower the sky is the limit. It can be simple and understated, moderate and full of family and friends or extravagant and over the top. Do the parents-to-be already have everything they need? Not a problem. Host a charity baby shower and donate all gifts to a needy family while still celebrating the expecting couple.

When planning a baby shower, it’s a good idea to set the shower date for about a month before the mommy-to-be’s due date. This way if she goes into labor early she will have already had her shower and she won’t be completely uncomfortable while attending the shower.

When choosing a baby shower theme, there are so many to choose from. Take a look at some of the most common showers we’ve listed below:

Gender Neutral
Couple’s Shower
Everything Pink
Everything Blue
Diaper Shower
Jungle/Safari Animals
Pampering Mom
Books for Baby

Whatever the theme, the main goal should be to provide the mom with what she needs so that she is ready for her new arrival. So whether it’s building her baby’s book shelf or filling up the nursery with decorations or baby clothes – she’ll have everything she registered for. Remember to have the mommy and daddy-to-be register at a few places so that all attending and non-attending guests can give a gift if they’d like to; some place that is convenient and has multiple items that is on the parent’s wish list.

Next up…Invitations! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog…

IB Designs – Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

Friday, May 8th, 2009

When we started our business we began receiving requests from our customers for certain types of themes, invitation styles and designs. After a while we thought…why not have the people who know the stationery world the best create their own line of invitations, thank you notes and stickers? This thought expanded and allowed us to create IB DESIGNS, the exclusive digital line of stationery made by’s professional graphic designers.

It’s been two years since that time and we are now happy to announce IB Design’s 2nd Anniversary! To celebrate our anniversary, we are currently running a promotion for 10% off of any IB Designs product during the month of May. Feel free to take a look at some of the newest and most popular IB Designs products below…

IB Designs

Help promote IB Designs and celebrate with us!

JULY 4th – Independence Day Invitations

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Get out your sparklers, sport your red, white and blue attire, fire up the grill and get ready to celebrate – Independence Day is right around the corner!

Independence Day is a federal holiday marking our independince from Great Britian in 1776 with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This event marked our freedom in the world and is celebrated in the United States on the Fourth of July every year.

This great day is typically celebrated with barbeques, fireworks, picnics, concerts carnivals, parades and family gatherings. Why not gather your friends and family members together to celebrate this day and how far we have come as a nation.

Below are some of our newest and most popular designs this season that just might “SPARK” some interest…

patriotic invitations

Looking for something a little more casual or budget-friendly? We also have 8.5 x 11 inch patriotic Designer Paper avialable in the most festive styles:

Want to see more? Visit our website to checkout all of our patriotic designs:

Wedding Wednesday – Asian Fusion Themed Invitations

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Do you have to be Asian to have an Asian or oriental themed wedding? Absolutely not! Today oriental or Asian themed weddings are a growing trend for many couples. You can be into “zen” as a couple, have oriental roots or maybe you just like a little west-coast flair in your east-coast life. Whatever the reasons, your Asian inspired wedding will be one that all of your guests can enjoy.

Asian weddings can have many inspirations and cultures brought together that offer a vibrant array of stunning colours including crimson, vermilion, orange, ruby, yellow, amber, lemon, gold and more. You can incorporate Japanese or Chinese cultures, or both into your flowers (orchids, cherry blossoms, lilies, bamboo), cake (think white base with a floral accentuation), decorations (lanterns, red linens and gold tableware) and more. Your wedding dress does not always have to follow the oriental theme, however adding a floral piece to the side of your hair that matches the flowers in your bouquet is always a nice touch.

One of our most popular wedding invitations is the Love Foldover Wedding Invitation and Collection by Embossed Graphics.

wedding invitations

The invitation features a textured red pepper outer card with the Chinese character of live shimmering in red foil. Open the card for the symbol’s three part lineage balancing a boxed announcement in basic black or gold metallic ink. It’s simply stunning to see. We also feature the set’s reply card, reception card and informal note which all come with matching white envelopes.

bel amour wedding invitations

This oriental themed invitation has inspired the collage of Asian wedding photos above which I hope inspires you when planning your own Asian-Fusion wedding.

Kids Party Etiquette

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Hands out of the cake! Wait…Timmy brought his six siblings?! Are parents supposed to stay? You didn’t say to bring socks! gift? Is three hours too long?

As parents, we are all plagued with the above questions at one time or another whether you’re planning the party for your kids or your kids are attending it. One would think a kid’s party would involve cake, gifts and a craft or game, but it’s so much more nowadays! Below are a few etiquette guidelines for kids’ birthday parties that will help make your party planning/attending a breeze next time:

Invitations: Send out your birthday party invitations approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. If you send it much before that it may get forgotten. Send it later than that and the child you’re inviting may already have two parties to attend that day. A good rule of thumb is to invite as many children as the age of your child. Thus if the child is turning six, inviting six kids would be appropriate. If you intend on inviting an entire class, make sure your venue can host that many kids and it may be a good idea to ask parents to attend or a few helpers to keep things calm.

Siblings: It seems like a guessing game after receiving your invitations as to whether or not you can bring your child’s younger or older sibling along. Make the guess-work easier by writing “siblings welcome” on your invitations if that is the case, or including both children’s names on the invitation envelope. If you don’t see anything noted on the invitation, it is best to ask when doing your RSVP if your infant or other child may attend. Do not be offended if the answer is no, as budgets or venues may have limitations. If you’re the party planner and extra siblings arrive un-invited, make sure to plan ahead by having a few additional goody bags available.

Gifts: It’s pretty safe to assume that unless the invitation says “no gifts, please” a gift will be welcomed. It can be best to do gifts toward the beginning of a party before the guests get tired, cranky or are ready to go home and miss the child opening the gift they brought. Also, if the kids are tired by this point your child may do the famous “open and throw” and seem ungrateful for their gift, which is an image I’m sure you don’t want to portray.

Thank you notes: As a part of good manners, be sure to have your child send out thank you notes 1-2 weeks after the party. It’s a way for them to practice etiquette and let their guests know how much they appreciated them attending and their gift. If your child is young you can write the note for them and have them sign it or draw a picture, or fill-in thank you notes are always a great idea.

So next time you’re planning a kids party, relax and remember the above tips that will help you make a party to remember because it was fun, not stressful!

Vendor Spotlight – Picture Perfect Invitations

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Colorful, bright and cheerful designs for almost any occasion – Picture Perfect is one of InvitationBox’s most popular vendors. From invitations and greeting cards to stickers and return address labels, Picture Perfect is sure to have a whimsical design to coordinate with any birthday party, holiday celebration or personal event.

Everyday Invitations: Cakes with sprinkles, die-cut kid’s invitations, baby shower invites, bridal shower invitations, cowboys, brides with bows, animals, sports, pirates, bounce houses, cocktail parties, fiestas, palm trees, polka dots and more. You name the theme or pattern, Picture Perfect is sure to have a charming invitation to match! With invitations as cute as these, you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression upon your guests!

Holiday Invitations: Stockings and Christmas trees, New Years champagne and snowmen, reindeer and angels, gingerbread houses and ornaments, ghosts and witches. No matter what type of holiday soirée you’re hosting this year, Picture Perfect is sure to have a classic and charming holiday design to set the mood for your event. With innocent designs with bright colors, die cuts and funky patterns, you’ll be sure to have the most festive party on the block!

Holiday Photo Greeting Cards: A picture is worth a thousand words – or more with these charismatic designs! Send some holiday cheer by sending a holiday photo greeting card to friends and family. Frame your favorite photo with Picture Perfect’s vivacious designs including swirls, dots, starbursts, confetti, stars and snow dots. Personalize the inside of the cards with a holiday verse, poem or greeting!

Stickers & Return Address Labels: Label a book, decorate a letter, tag a gift or label your things with Picture Perfect’s adorable line of personalized stickers and return address labels! From superheros and pixie kids to animals, sports and birthday cakes, there’s bound to be a sticker to suit any personality or style. Don’t forget about holiday stickers to use as a gift tag for all of your loved one’s gifts.

One of the things we like best about Picture Perfect is that they have an adorable and personal design for ever occasion, holiday, style or party theme. So whether you’re 5 and planning a princess party, a bride about to walk down the aisle, or and 80 year old planning an anniversary celebration, there’s something for everyone.