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Bachelorette Party Invitations

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Invite the girls to mix & mingle – celebrate the bride’s last days of being SINGLE! Every girl dreams of her big day walking down the aisle, her perfect bridal shower and bridal brunch with her bridesmaids. But we all know that one little event that every bride secretly looks forward to – when she loses all her inhibitions and gets to be a single girl one last time before her big day! Throw the bride a bachelorette party that she’ll never forget, whether you’re hosting a lingerie party or headed for a night out on the town. Bachelorette parties can be hosted by the bridal party, friends of the bride or both! Get everyone in on the planning to create a special “single” night for the bride. Below are some great suggestions for an unforgettable evening:

Invitations: When choosing invitations be sure the one you choose gives off the essence of the night ahead, whether it’s wild and crazy, posh and sophisticated or fun an silly. We have a wide variety of bachelorette party invitations for all types of parties that include piano bar themes, limos, friends, lingerie, cocktails, high heels, gambling, beach and spa themes.

Attire: When your guests RSVP send them each a matching tank top or t-shirt to wear that says “bridal party”, “bachelorette party”, “I’m with the crazy bride” or “bridesmaid”. Give the bride a mini veil to wear and a bachelorette sash so that everyone she meets as she parades throughout the night knows she is about to have her big day.

Events: If the budget allows, have everyone meet at the bride’s house and get picked up by a limo that will take you around for the night. This allows for everyone to travel together safely and eliminates the need for designated drivers. A great idea is to have everyone go to a salon to get their hair and makeup done ahead of time so that everyone is looking their best or have everyone meet at one residence and get ready together. Have hors d’oeuvres and cocktails available before the big night or have everyone together for a light dinner before the events begin. A bachelorette party favorite is to give the bride a “scavenger hunt to-do list” that she must complete before the night is through. This can include such things as having someone buy her a drink, dance with a stranger, sing a karaoke song, take pictures with a bartender, etc. Whatever you decide to do on her big night, be it dancing, karaoke, a comedy night or a strip club, make it something that fits the bride’s personality and something she and the groom will be comfortable with.

And lastly – remember to take LOTS of pictures – this is a night she won’t want to forget!