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Casino Party Invitations

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas! Put on your poker face and invite your guests over for a party full of gambling, cocktails, finger foods & swanky attire. Poker and casino parties are all the rage right now for adult birthday parties and even some sweet 16 birthday parties. Just remember if you’re planning a sweet 16 to use fake money and fake poker chips and serve plenty of mock tails!

casino night invitationsFor adult parties you can contact your local hotel and most actually have facilities and party planners that can do an entire casino night for you including real dealers, poker tables, etc. These parties are extremely fun yet rather expensive. If it’s not in your budget go ahead and create your own poker night – but just remember to have enough dealers for your tables. Have everyone do a specific dollar amount buy-in for chips as they arrive. This way everyone has the same amount of chips and can play until they win or run out! At the end of the night they can turn in the chips for money or everyone can donate the money to a favorite or local charity. You can also have each guest bring a gift to raffle/auction off in the end; things like gift cards, free movie rentals, wine, etc. When planning out your tables you can have popular games like roulette, black jack or poker. Download some swanky casino music or buy a CD filled with slot machine and coin sounds. Ask your guests to dress James Bond sheek or have a 20’s theme with flapper dresses, feather boas and long suit coats. Your guests will really get into the casino theme. Throughout the night you can also do a raffle for more or less poker chips which can really change your games up a little! Send each guest home with a photo from the night or a deck of cards!

When choosing your casino party invitations, be sure to choose one with a theme that directly reflects the mood of the event – be it fun, swanky or elegant. At InvitationBox we have a variety of casino and poker themed invitations including die-cut pop-out shapes, vibrant colors, poker chips, poker card themes, Vegas signs, dice and roulette wheels. Take a look at some of our most popular casino party invitations below…

poker invitations

And remember what they say…What happens in Vegas – Stays in Vegas!!