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Decades Party Invitations

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Decades parties are a great way to get all of your guests into the theme of your party whether you’re hosting a party for the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s.. Spruce up your event for your chosen decade with these simple ideas…

50’s Themed Party: Decorate your party location with 50’s music posters, rock and roll memorabilia, records, guitars and a juke box. Be sure to have the girls wear a poodle skirt, tease up their hair into a beehive, and have the guys wear white leather and dress up like Elvis. You can have a karaoke contest for the singers in the group or an American Bandstand contest if you feel like dancing. Don’t forget 50’s trivia games too!

60’s Themed Party: For your groovy 60’s party decorate your event with beaded curtains, peace signs, candles. Have everyone come in their favorite tye dye shirts, flowered pants, John Lennon sunglasses and your hippie wig! Play 60’s trivia games, see who has the most flower power and bring Woodstock back to life!

70’s Themed Party: For your far out 70’s party decorate the room with bean bag chairs and that hideous old couch you kept in the basement all these years. Have everyone bring an old picture of themselves in their 70’s attire. Have a rainbow disco ball hanging from the ceiling and play your favorite 70’s tunes. Ask each guest to dress in their bellbottoms or come as their favorite “That 70’s Show” character. Wrap the evening up with a game of “guess that 70’s tv show” or karaoke.

80’s Themed Party: The most popular of them all, your 80’s themed party is going to call for some great costumes and rockin’ tunes! Have each guest don their jelly shoes, bangles, fishnet gloves, wigs, baggy sweatshirts and high-top sneaks. Play karaoke or rock band to your favorite 80’s tunes. Have a dance-off where the winner wins an old collection of 80’s tapes.

Whatever decade you choose for your party, this will be an event that each guest will identify with and be excited to take part in the fun of reliving their past! Rock on!