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Grammar Lesson – Plurals

Friday, June 26th, 2009

This week seemed to be the week for grammar questions! I try to share the small little things with our readers, especially when a customer stumps me on a grammar question we all feel we should know, but in fact the rule has just slipped our mind. I thought I’d share some grammar tips on the use of plurals, as for most of us the days of 4th grade English class are long over…(thank you WikiHow for your tips):

-An apostrophe should not be insinuate a plural
When trying to make a word plural (more than one), an apostrophe is not necessary. For example, the plural form of dog is dogs. The plural form of block is blocks. Not dog’s or block’s. The apostrophe actually makes the word show ownership rather than indicating more than one.
This also tends to happen in words that end in vowels like orange or hippo. The plural form should still be oranges or hippos. Not orange’s or hippo’s.

-An apostrophe that indicates possession
An apostrophe should go before the “s” when using singular possession. For example, ‘Amy has a dog’ to “Amy’s dog” or “In the back shelf of the refrigerator” to “The refrigerator’s back shelf”. If the singular word ends in an “s” you can use an apostrophe “s” or “s” apostrophe. For example “The Adams” to “The Adams’ house” or “The Adams’s house”.
If plural, the apostrophe should go after the word. For example with the word “cooks”. The plural version of this would be cooks’.

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