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Men’s Birthday Party Invitations

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

When you talk about celebrating a birthday you typically think about a bunch of girls out for a night on the town, cocktails, limos and party dresses. But let’s not forget the important men in your life that should go all out for celebrating their birthday too! Surprise your boyfriend, fiancé, husband or best guy friend with a birthday party they’ll never forget! They’ll be undoubtedly grateful and happy that you remembered them on their special day.

You may want to plan a surprise party for your guy, especially if he’s turning a milestone year like 30, 40 or 50. Or, if your guy is more shy, check in with him first. Invitations should be sent approximately 3-4 weeks before the event. Remember if it’s a surprise to put that pertinent piece of information on the invitation. Our adult birthday party invitations come in a multitude of designs that compliment his personality and style. Choose from masculine hues, golf and sports themes, cocktail themes, group party scenes, barbecue, beach, cake, bowling and stripe themes. Take a look at some of our most popular “his birthday” party invitations below…

Need some party ideas? Depending on his interests, you might want to schedule a golf match, football game or baseball game for all the boys to participate in. Serve up his favorite munchies and food along with some great beer or cocktails, depending on the formality of your party. If this is a milestone birthday, have guests bring a favorite photo of themselves with the man in honor to paste up around the party scene or create a collage on a poster board for all to see. For over the hill parties, make the birthday boy sit in a wheelchair and have your guests hand him gag gifts periodically throughout the night. The sky is the limit…just make sure you stick to something that the honoree will enjoy, appreciate and remember. Because remember, you can roast and toast him all you want … but just remember that you have a birthday coming up too!