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Bridal Shower Games

Monday, July 27th, 2009

When planning a bridal shower, your guests will expect the normal gift opening, cocktails and refreshments…but what do you do with the remaining hour or so? The below list of ice breakers and games are great ideas for your next bridal shower event. It’s a great way to introduce the group to one another and make everyone comfortable, all along with great opportunities for laughs, tears and shared moments to be caught on camera.

Here are some great Bridal Shower Game suggestions:

Word Association: While the bride is opening the gifts, secretly have one guest write down an occasional word/phrase that you hear throughout the room. For example “This is so small”, “Ooh la la”, “I’ve always wanted one of these”, “It’s a keeper”, etc. Read them aloud to the group when she is finished and tell the group that this is what the bride will be saying on her wedding night.

Make a Bride: Break the group into teams of 3 or 4 people and have one person from each group be the “bride”. Give each group a roll of toilet paper and 20 minutes to create the perfect bridal outfit. Give prizes to the most creative, most couture, funniest, etc. Take pictures of all the brides at the end.

How Well Does She Know the Groom? Before the shower, as the groom to answer a few questions about himself and his bride. Give the questions to the bride and see how well she knows her hubby-to-be.

Two Truths & a Lie: Have each guest write two truthful things about herself or her marriage, and one lie. Read aloud to the group and have everyone guess which piece of information is false.

Good & Bad Advice: Hand each guest a colored index card and have them fill in a nice piece of advice on one side for the bride-to-be about marriage. On the other side, fill in a naughty or sensual piece of advice for the wedding night.