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Girl Party Invitations

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

“I am a princess…ALL girls are!!” This quote from the movie The Secret Garden seems to fit a wide group of our customers whether they’re having a pretty-in-pink kid’s birthday party, a modern sweet 16, a crazy 21st birthday bash or a 40 years young soiree. Celebrate your girly nature and the best things about being a girl – makeup, boys, princesses, crowns, shoes, handbags, pink and purple hues and admiration from your peers! We have the best girl themed invitations around!

Bring out your inner diva for your next party with our collection of girly-themed invitations and party ideas that showcase the best parts of being a girl…

Kid/Princess Themes: Decorate your event with lots of pink, purple and white and take a magical trip to a land faraway where princesses rule! Have your guests play dress-up and make your own princess crowns to take home. Don’t forget a larger-than-life princess castle cake to top off the event!

Sweet 16: Choose from pink and black hues that add a hint of maturity to your girly event. Serve up some great girly mocktails like cosmos or martinis. Get a DJ or have a friend blast your favorite tunes and create your own dance area center-floor. Change your outfit several times throughout the night and get ready for a party you’ll never forget.

Adult Diva: She’s fabulous, successful and hot! Choose a diva theme that represents your personality like shoes, handbags, little black dress…the sky is the limit. Hire a limo to take you and your friends parading around town and dress to impress.

Whatever type of girl-themed party you’re throwing make sure it’s one for the books and remember to send out swanky invitations to intrigue your guests before your big day!

Writing Etiquette

Monday, July 13th, 2009

We all wish we could live our lives like Emily Post and use perfect grammar, diction and tradition when writing and speaking with etiquette. As a stationery company, we make it our business to learn the rights and wrongs of stationery etiquette and thought we would share some tips for the most common etiquette errors we find on customers’ orders. Start a new trend today and begin writing your names and monograms with proper etiquette…

Individual Monogram: A three letter monogram with all letters the exact same size should be written in the following order: first name initial, middle name initial, last name initial.
Example: John Williams Smith would be JWS.

Individual Monogram # 2: A three letter monogram with the middle letter largest and the two side letters the same size should be written in the following order: first name initial, last name initial, middle name initial.
Example: John William Smith should be JSW (with S in the center & largest)

Married Monogram: A married monogram is a modern design in which a husband and wife combine their monograms into one. This should only be used when a couple is married, not engaged. The order of initials should be as follows: wife’s first name, last name of couple, husband’s first name.
Example: Kathy Smith who is married to John Smith should be KSJ (with S in the center & largest)

Writing Your Name:
When writing the name of a married couple remember that a man should never be separated from his surname (last name). This also is true when writing Mr. and Mrs.
Example: Kathy Smith who is married to John Smith should be “Kathy and John Smith”. It should never be written as “John and Kathy Smith”. You could also write this formally as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.

Can’t get enough etiquette or still have additional questions? Feel free to contact our experts, consult our etiquette and advice section or visit Emily Post’s website on your own.

Patriotic Invitations

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

The 4th of July is just one day away!

Time to put the finishing touches on your family BBQ’s, picnics, sporting events, fireworks shows and get-togethers! With this patriotic holiday right around the corner, we thought we’d update our readers with some of our newest patriotic invitations, as we know the picnics, parties and BBQ’s are FAR from being over this summer season!

These three patriotic invitations feature bursting firework designs with the huesof our nation, red, white and blue. Choose from American Flag designs, stars, stripes and other patriotic patterns.

Through all the hustle and bustle of the holiday make sure you take time out to celebrate our independence from Great Britian in 1776 when we signed the Declaration of Independence. Be happy that we are so blessed to have the freedom to live as so many others cannot. Light a sparkler for the USA this weekend & have fun!!!

Get CREATIVE with Invitations

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Time to get creative when purchasing your invitations for your next party! At it always amazes us how creative some of our customers are and we just HAD to share this amazing baby shower concept/invitation wording that one of our customers used.

One of our recent customers used one of our airplane invitations for a baby shower and used key airplane-related words to describe their entire event from the date, time, location and RSVP! Take a look at their proof below, we know you’ll be inspired (names/dates/info has been changed for customer security):

The concept behind going creative is just about going above and beyond the norm or the expected for your chosen event. Just because you’re hosting a baby shower doesn’t mean you have to use an expecting mom invitation or if you’re planning a first birthday party it doesn’t have to mean there is a big one on the invitation. It’s perfectly normal and acceptable to do so however creative themes and invies will impress and really WOW your guests when they open their envelope to see an ultra creative invitation or party theme that has not been used before. Your guests will end up being excited for your event, especially if this is the third shower or birthday party they have been to this past month.

Being creative is not just about the design of the invitation either! Just as our airplane customer did above, incorporate your party theme into your wording to create an entire theme ensemble. Need inspiration or help thinking up words? One of my new favorite websites that I stumbled upon recently was, an online graphical dictionary that actually spins one word off another when your brain just can’t think of synonyms or related words:

Need more help or inspiration? Feel free to contact our customer service reps who are more than happy to help you create a party theme or invitation wording that will set the tone for your entire event.

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT and we have it all at!

Save the Date Cards

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

With all of the summer events slowly moving out of the way, it’s a great time to send out Save the date cards for your upcoming wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or any other formal event. Save the date cards should be sent out approximately 6-8 months before the event, or up to 10 months in advance for destination events. When creating a save the date card you can choose a design that directly corresponds with your event theme and upcoming invitations or be creative and do something completely different. There is no rule that says that your save the date cards must match your invites.

The save the date cards that we offer on range from simple designs with bright or subtle hues to floral accents, beach themes, modern silhouettes, destination designs, Vegas themes and even digital photo cards that share a picture of the honorees. When creating your save the date card it is important to include specific information. You will want to include the event you are hosting or who the event is for, the date, location (this can just be city/state, it does not need to be specific) and something at the bottom in regards to “invitation to follow”. For weddings, many brides will put their wedding website at the bottom of their save the date card to provide guests with a way to obtain more information about the event. Customers with destination events may even want to include more information than the norm. The more information that is given to a destination guest the more can plan to attend.

Take a look at some of our most popular Save the Date cards below:

Getting excited about your event? So are we and so will your guests when they receive your save the date card indicating about your upcoming important event!