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Kids Halloween Invitations & Baby Halloween Costumes

Friday, August 28th, 2009

You’ve still got a bit of time to start ordering your Halloween invitations, but for our Halloween Invitation sale…Time is running out!

Shop now to save 10 % on all Halloween invitations through Monday, August 31, 2009!

Our collection of Halloween invitations includes a great variety of invitations for kids. Whether they have a Halloween birthday, are planning a trick-or-treating group outing or a party at their school our Halloween kids invitations are sure to please. Featuring haunted houses, kids dressed up in popular witch, ghost, pumpkin and cat costumes, candy, pumpkin, cat and monster designs. Take a look at some of our popular kids designs below:

A Hip Witch Die Cut by Picture Perfect – So hip and cute, this fun kids Halloween invitation is in the die-cut shape of a little girl witch. She’s a posh witch wearing a green dress and a purple sweater with black stripes and feathers boas at the end of her sleeves. She wears a purple hat and orange polka dotted bows in her hair that match her orange and white polka dotted shoes. Her black cat wears a pink collar and stands to her left. Add your wording to her body and your child’s birthday year to her hat. This witch has her trick-or-treating pail and is ready for a night of Halloween fun.

Trick or Treaters Party Invitation by Paper so Pretty – Bright, fun and scary, this vibrant Kids Halloween Invitation is perfect for a costume party. The card features an orange background with a black border with tiny orange polka dots throughout. Three trick or treaters don the top portion of the card dressed up as a witch, Frankenstein and a tiny white ghost carrying a flashlight and a pail of candy. If this card doesn’t get you ready for Halloween…I don’t know what will!

Already bought your invitations but not sure what to be? has a multitude of baby Halloween costumes for your baby or toddler featuring designs like the ever-so-popular hot pink ladybug (shown below), fish, strawberry, pirate, soldier, dog, cat, pig, frog and alligator. Take a moment to view our Baby Halloween Costumes today!

New Fill-In Invitations & Fill-In Thank You Notes

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Having a child write an invitation or thank you note can be a daunting task for any child or assisting parent. Fill-in invitations and thank you notes are a fun and vibrant way to invite guests to your child’s birthday party event. They allow your child to assist in the party planning in an easy and exciting way.

Our newest fill-in invitations and thank you notes are from Inviting Company and SanLori Designs. Our newest themes include colorful designs with themes such as: jungle and safari animals, sports, gymnastics, trains, polka dots, cake, sleepover, swimming, roller skating, pizza, bounce houses, magic, bugs, rock stars and many other fun whimsical designs. Sold in packs of 8 or 10, these vibrant designs include white or color matching envelopes and are quickly sent and delivered to you for fast-track sending for last minute events. Upon receiving your invites, simply fill-in your party date, time, honoree’s name, location and RSVP and the rest is done for you! On a budget? Even better! Fill-in invitations allow for personalization without the high cost of printed invites. Take a look at two of our favorite fill-in invitations below:

fill-in invitationsfill-in invitations

Don’t forget about sending matching fill-in thank you notes after your party is through! Your child will be able to fill-in the gift they received and what they liked about it. Fill-in thank you notes are great for reinforcing proper party etiquette later in life – start early with these easy fill-in notes.

fill-in thank you notefill-in thank you card

Football Invitations

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Are you ready for some football? Pre-season is underway and regular season is right around the corner. It’s time to start planning your fall football tailgating and party events…and we’ve got the perfect invitations to kickoff the football season!

When planning your football themed get-together, make sure to have plenty of munchies and beer on-hand and don’t forget to fire up the grill at halftime. Need an ice-breaker to get the group talking and involved in the game? (This will even work for the non-sports nuts attending your event)! Create a football bingo game for everyone to play with the squares listed with things like “Touchdown”, “Challenge Flag Thrown”, “Bob Yells at the TV” or any other funny event that typically occurs at your football parties. The person who gets five in a row first can get a prize, six-pack of beer or gloating rights for the rest of the game. Football bingo is a great way to have everyone watching the game and it will last the entire night.

Once you’ve planned your event, choose an invitation that you know will excite your guests before the big day. Below are a couple of our most popular and newest football themed invitations…

football invitationsFootball Stadium Party Invitation – This IB Designs invitation is created by our very own designers. Perfect for those who are attending a pro or college football event, this white invitation features a confetti background that looks like a huge stadium crowd and features a green football field, two yellow goal posts and a large brown football at the bottom right. This invitation is small at 4.5 x 6.25 inches however yields ample space for your invitation text.

Football Bucket of Beer Party Invitation – This Noteworthy Collections invitation features a football field background with white yards ticked at the bottom. A large bucket of green bottled brews adorns the bottom right corner of the card which allows for your fun football phrase, honorees/hosts names or your party theme or name. A definite eye-catcher!

Can’t get enough football? Neither can we. When shopping for your invitations, don’t forget to browse through our collection of football napkins, fill-in thank you notes, baby football playsets and football themed nursery décor for those future football players.

Fall & Autumn Invitations

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Take a leap into fall! Next week will already be September, and pretty soon it will be time to start planning your Thanksgiving, autumn and fall themed events. The fall months are a busy travel time for everyone, so make sure you order and send out your invitations well in advance to secure your guest list and can thus begin preparing appropriately.

Our collection of fall and autumn themed invitations include a multitude of naturalistic designs that will coordinate with your late year event. Choose an understated design with ornate leaves, a watercolor painting, acorns, cornucopia or other fall foliage design. For formal fall events we have an array of orange, brown, ivory and black hue themed formal invites with scrolling designs, table place settings, cocktail and dinner themes. Want to go bold? We also have bright bold and deep color themed fall invitations with vibrant leaves, outdoor scenes, pumpkins, wreaths and turkeys. Preview some of our newest and most popular autumn designs below…

Visit InvitationBox to view our entire collection of Fall & Autumn Invitations, today!

End of Summer Party Invitations

Friday, August 21st, 2009

The kids are heading back to school in a week or two and the stores are already plastering Halloween and Thanksgiving directions everywhere. Savor one last minute of summer with your friends by hosting an End of Summer Party for all to enjoy.

End of the summer parties are great because it gives everyone a chance to convene after a hectic vacation-filled summer and gives everyone a chance to reminisce about the fun times they had over the past few months. Serve up an array of cocktails and brew to loosen things up a bit and fire up the grill for some good ol’ BBQ.

Our summer party invitations and bbq invitations come in a great selection of styles and themes. Choose from pig roast invitations, grill invitations, bbq dinner party invitations, western party invitations, brew themed invitations, bbq pit invitations, patio invites, burger invitations, pool invitations, lake invitations and more. Take a look at some of our most popular end of summer party invitations below…

Ready for the end of summer and the start of autumn?! We are too! Be sure to check out our end of summer invitations and autumn party invitations for your fall event, today.

Fiesta Party Invitations

Monday, August 17th, 2009

One Margarita…Two Margaritas…Three Margaritas – FLOOR! Turn your next birthday party, bridal shower or baby shower into a Mexican themed fiesta party event! Fiesta themed parties are becoming very popular in today’s society as they are a great way to get friends together in a causal atmosphere where everyone can contribute to the theme and have a great time doing it!

Your fiesta themed party can be very simple with simply just Mexican food being served or can be very eccentric with a pinata, Mexican food, vibrant and colorful decorations, a fiesta themed cake and of course fiesta party invitations. When browsing for your perfect fiesta invitation think about the type of event you’re hosting. Think about what the focus is, be it margaritas, sangria and cocktails, celebrating the happy couple, Mexican food (chips, salsa, etc.), sombreros, maracas or maybe even a fiesta themed dinner party that is more on the formal side. Take a look at some of our newest and most popular Mexican fiesta themed party invitations below…

Fiesta parties are great for those on a budget. Ask your guests to bring their favorite Mexican or Spanish dish to share. Choose a colorful pinata and then purchase table accessories that accent the colors in the pinata. Make your own fiesta cake with a chili pepper or maracas theme. For favors hand out mini packets of margarita mix or jalapeno seeds for your guests to grow. Follow these suggestions and your fiesta party invitation is sure to be a hit, aye!

ON SALE NOW! Spooky Halloween Invitations

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

It’s a come as you aren’t party! Take the chance to get together with family, friends and co-workers at a fabulously spooky Halloween party. We have some of the stationery industry’s hottest Halloween party invitations right now that feature the most popular Halloween staples including haunted house invitations, creepy Halloween cocktail invitations, eyeball invitations, trick-or-treating invitations and more. Take a look at some of our favorite new Halloween invitation designs below…

It’s a dark world out there…especially at witching hour! This dark and scary Halloween invitation is created by our designers at InvitationBox., IB Designs. The design of the card features a black silhouette design of a haunted house on a hill with glowing yellow windows. To the left of the haunted house a black cat is pictured perched on top of a gravestone in a small graveyard. Black silhouettes of bats fly throughout the navy blue sky and white glowing moon. This Halloween invitation is perfect for those inviting friends over for trick-or-treating or for those hosting a spooky Halloween party in their home.

Halloween doesn’t have to be just about bobbing for apples and trick-or-treating. This formal Halloween party invitation is one of our most popular elegant Halloween designs this year. Invite your friends over for a formal dinner while the kids are out trick-or-treating or out with their friends and serve up some witches brew and a bountiful fall feast. This invitation is a layered card that features an orange bottom layer with a deep orange floral background design and a black chandelier on top. A vellum top layer is tied to the bottom card with a black satin ribbon, to which your text is printed. A Halloween twist on a formal party invitation.

Be careful with this one…Your guests just might scream upon opening their envelope! This creepy Halloween invitation is perfect for an adult or teen Halloween party bash. The stunning design of this invitation features a large jack-o-lantern face glowing and gleaming red and yellow light from inside the pumpkin. A silhouette of a crazy girl with long hair stands in front of the scary pumpkin face as she gestures to the black silhouette crowd below her. Two black bats fly in front of an orange moon in the top right corner. Did we spook you on this one?

Can’t wait for Halloween? Neither can we! And to reward our fellow scare-crazed customers, we are currently offering…


Bridal Luncheon Invitations

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

We all know the wedding is about the bride-and-groom-to-be. However, the other people that help so much with the wedding planning and details are often overlooked. Go above and beyond the bridezilla ways and take time to honor your bridesmaids with a bridal luncheon in their honor.

A bridal luncheon is typically held a few days to a couple of weeks before the main wedding event. The bride should send out invitations to her bridal attendants and may also want to include the mother of the bride and groom. Choose a relaxing atmosphere where you and your bridal party can get together for lunch, cocktails or appetizers and conversation. This is also a great time to go over any last-minute wedding details or go over what needs to be accomplished before or on your wedding day. If you have purchased a gift for the wedding attendants you can present the girls with there gifts at this event or the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.

At our bridal luncheon invitations feature delicate designs that capture the appreciative nature of your event including bridal gown drawings, wedding cakes, silhouettes, floral, tea and garden designs. Do your best to match your invitation to the type of luncheon you are hosting, whether it is a get together at home, a restaurant, spa or garden. Take a look at some of our most popular bridal luncheon invitations below…

Your bridal shower luncheon is sure to be a surprise to your bridal attendants and they will really feel special knowing that you have appreciated their helpful efforts in planning your big day.

NEW – Birchcraft Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitation Collection

Monday, August 10th, 2009

In Judaism, a Bar Bitzvah (boy), or Bat Mitzvah (girl), marks a ceremony for the boy or girl coming of age. According to Jewish law, when Jewish children reach the age of majority (generally thirteen years for boys and twelve for girls) they become responsible for their actions, and “become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah”. In many Conservative and Reform synagogues, girls celebrate their Bat Mitzvahs at age 13, along with boys. This also coincides with physical puberty. Prior to this, the child’s parents hold the responsibility for the child’s adherence to Jewish law and tradition and, after this age, children bear their own responsibility for Jewish ritual law, tradition, and ethics and are privileged to participate in all areas of Jewish community life, (Wikipedia).

Announce and celebrate your child’s growing maturity and their new found responsibility to observe and practice the commandments of the Torah with this stylish, bright, fun and sophisticated collection of Birchcraft Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah invitations. Our new Birchcraft collection of Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitations includes a variety of designs that coincide with your child’s style and personality featuring delicate, formal and classic invitations to sassy, vibrant and funky teenager-friendly designs. Make invitation ordering a fun event with your child as it will set the tone for the entire event. Take a look at some of the newest designs below that include ribbons, Star of David and Jerusalem designs, Torah graphics, Hebrew text and more…

Don’t forget! These Birchcraft Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations are also available with response cards, reception cards, thank you notes and accommodations cards…all matching to coordinate your entire milestone event!

Inviting Company NEW Halloween Invitation Collection

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Spider webs, creepy cocktails, eye balls, candy apples, spooky silhouettes, pumpkins and candy galore – you’ll find these staple Halloween symbols and more in Inviting Company’s new 2009 Halloween Collection.

Kids Halloween Bash: If you’re planning a kid’s Halloween birthday party or just want to go the extra mile in inviting the neighborhood kids to get together for a night of trick-or treating, the Inviting Company Halloween Collection is full of designs that will appeal to your child. Some of their most popular kids Halloween invitations include a pumpkin pail overflowing with candy, a monster costume themed birthday party, a black silhouette invitation with trick-or-treaters daring to visit a haunted house and a stacked pumpkin design.

Adults Only: BEWARE: Planning an adult soiree? Inviting Company also has an array of adult Halloween invitations that will coordinate with whatever type of Halloween extravaganza you’re hosting. The adult Halloween collection includes a spooky Halloween place setting for a Halloween dinner party, a Frankenstein couple invitation for those getting married on this creepy holiday, frightening green martini designs with eyeball swizzle sticks and candy corn themed cocktails.

We can’t wait to celebrate Halloween this year, and we know you’re excited too! Take a look at some of the great Halloween Invitations we have out for you this Halloween season…but don’t get too SPOOKED!