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Fiesta Party Invitations

Monday, August 17th, 2009

One Margarita…Two Margaritas…Three Margaritas – FLOOR! Turn your next birthday party, bridal shower or baby shower into a Mexican themed fiesta party event! Fiesta themed parties are becoming very popular in today’s society as they are a great way to get friends together in a causal atmosphere where everyone can contribute to the theme and have a great time doing it!

Your fiesta themed party can be very simple with simply just Mexican food being served or can be very eccentric with a pinata, Mexican food, vibrant and colorful decorations, a fiesta themed cake and of course fiesta party invitations. When browsing for your perfect fiesta invitation think about the type of event you’re hosting. Think about what the focus is, be it margaritas, sangria and cocktails, celebrating the happy couple, Mexican food (chips, salsa, etc.), sombreros, maracas or maybe even a fiesta themed dinner party that is more on the formal side. Take a look at some of our newest and most popular Mexican fiesta themed party invitations below…

Fiesta parties are great for those on a budget. Ask your guests to bring their favorite Mexican or Spanish dish to share. Choose a colorful pinata and then purchase table accessories that accent the colors in the pinata. Make your own fiesta cake with a chili pepper or maracas theme. For favors hand out mini packets of margarita mix or jalapeno seeds for your guests to grow. Follow these suggestions and your fiesta party invitation is sure to be a hit, aye!