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Halloween Stickers

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Jazz up your Halloween party invitation envelopes with these spooktacular Halloween stickers from IB Designs and Noteworthy Collections. This frightful colection of round stickers work great as return address labels, envelope seals or candy labels. Choose a sticker that matches your Halloween invitation or one with one of your favorite Halloween staple characters.

Our Halloween round stickers include such designs like the pumpkin, trick-or-treating kids, black cats, grave stones, haunted houses, witches and bats. Take a look at some of our must popular stickers below…

So before sending out your Halloween invitations, remember to pick up your personalizable Halloween stickers. Your guests will be spooked before they even get to your invitation!

Adult Halloween Party Invitations

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Halloween isn’t always just about trick-or-treating! Call a babysitter on this frightful night and get ready to spend some fun and crazy times with your best friends. Halloween parties and Halloween cocktail parties for adults are becoming more and more popular in these modern times.

If you have outgoing and crazy friends, ask them all to ‘come as you aren’t’ decked out in full costumes. Serve up some creepy cocktails and maybe even serve candy for those of us that can’t get the idea of candy out of our heads when we hear the word Halloween. Plan some old fashioned games like bobbing for apples, tell spooky stories around a bon fire, have a pumpkin carving contest or see who can fit the most candy in their mouth at one time. You could even plan a murder mystery dinner and ask each friend to play a different part.

When planning your adults-only Halloween party, remember to have the chicest invitations around. Take a look at a few of our favorite adult Halloween party invitations below…

Naughty Witch Party Invitation by Paper So Pretty – This sultry invitation features an orange background and a naughty witch in black fish-net stockings and a black off-the-shoulder dress. She dons a tall witch’s hat and carries a broomstick in her right hand. A black evil pumpkin sits in the bottom left corner of the card and bats fly around the witches head at the top of the card.

Cocktail Girl With Pumpkin Invitation by Bonnie Marcus & Co. – Host a cocktail party with this fun yet sexy Halloween invitation with a purple, black and orange mosaic border and an ivory background card. A black spider web dons the top right corner and a girl in a little black dress wearing high heel boots and a mask on her face leans up against an orange pumpkin at the bottom of the card while holding a green martini.

Check out these adult Halloween party invitations and more on!

Kids Photo Birthday Party Invitations

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

We all know how important the first few milestone birthdays are in your child’s life. Start a new tradition with your child’s younger-year birthday parties with this collection of photo birthday invitations from IB Designs. Our digital photo birthday invitations will showcase your invitation wording and show your guests a picture of your growing baby. Choose from our wide array of yearly invitations from one to five and up!

Take a look at some of our most popular digital photograph kids birthday invitations below…

Pink Owl Invitation by IB Designs – Guess whoo’s turning one?! This flat white invitation features a thin white border and a digital photograph of your little one at the top center. Choose to print your photo in color, black and white or sepia tones. The bottom of the card features a light pink hue with a pink and brown owl on the right perched on top of a large # 1.

Big Pink Polka Dots Photo Announcement by IB Designs – This girly flat white invitation features a pink background with dark pink polka dots. The left corner features a brown box with dark brown polka dots and a large birthday year (of your choice) inside it. Add your child’s digital photograph to the top right corner.

Big Three Invitation by Paper So Pretty – This fun kids birthday party invitation is perfect for the soon-to-be three year old. A yellow background dons this card with dark yellow stars throughout. A dark yellow large # 3 sits on the left side of the card behind the colorful polka dotted word “three” at the bottom of the card. Add your favorite digital photograph to the upper right corner inside the yellow frame with polka dots.

Photo birthday party invitations are also a great keepsake for parents and children over the years. Many customers have told us they have matted and framed their children’s digital photo birthday party invitations over the years. They’re great to look back on in later years to see how much your child has grown.

NEW Photo Save the Date Cards

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Save the date to celebrate! We are very excited to announce that one of our most popular vendors, Paper So Pretty, has just introduced a line of digital products to our site. Their designs range from holiday cards to birthday cards to save the date cards. These digital save the date cards are printed on 100 pound crisp white card stock and feature elegant and tropical designs that feature your text and your favorite digital photograph.

Photo save the date cards are a great way to introduce your partner to family and friends whom may not have met yet and also create a keepsake for you and your partner in later years.

Take a look at three of their most popular save the date cards below…

These three photo save the date cards feature your digital photograph inside a square frame or box along with modern damask, palm tree and hibiscus designs. Choose a save the date card that coincides with your wedding theme, be it elegant or a destination wedding. Remember that for local weddings, save the date cards should be sent out approximately 6 months before the wedding. Destination wedding save the date cards can be sent up to a year in advance, as travel arrangements will need to be made.

Make sure all of your guests can attend your important event by asking them to hold your special date!

Prince Party Invitations

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Happily ever after doesn’t have to be about pink, crowns and magic wands…it can be about fire breathing dragons, knights in shining armor and royalty, too! Celebrate the other royal highness in your family…the prince!

We have received a number of customer requests and orders for prince parties this fall season and we think it’s great that the boys are becoming interested in the fairytale world. When planning a prince party for your little one, make sure you start with an invitation fit for royalty. Take a look at some of our most popular prince invitations below…

Prince Party Invitation by IB Designs – Created by our very own typesetters, this flat white prince themed invitation features a light blue background with light blue pastel polka dots. A large blue crown with the pre-printed word “PRINCE” adorns the top center of the card. This invitation is perfect for 1st birthday parties and kids birthday parties. Don’t forget, we also have matching IB Designs prince stickers for this invitation!

Dot Shot! Blue with Blue Dynasty Invitation by SanLori Designs – This prince invitation is perfect for those with a little more mature taste. This invitation is actually a layered card which features a white bottom card with light blue and brown polka dots and brown and white stripes. The top card is light blue with a white trim and a prince’s crown in the top scalloped circle in blue and brown. Add your text to the top card below the crown. Customer assembly is required.

Little Kingdom Invitation by Inviting Company – Perfect for those inviting the girls to the party too…This flat white invitation features a fairytale background of a castle on a hill. A knight in shining armor stands on the left side of the card with his yellow and blue shield and a princess with a teal crown stands on the right side of the card. This invitation is certainly fit for royalty!

Check out these above invitations and others on today!

Around-the-Clock Bridal Shower Invitations

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Tick-Tock…Shower the bride around the clock! At most bridal showers, it is unavoidable that the bride and groom will receive repeat gifts. Help the happy couple receive a plethora of unique gifts by hosting an around-the-clock shower in their honor. At an around-the-clock shower each guest is assigned a time of day to which they will purchase a coordinating gift. You can have multiple guests do the same time for a larger category like dinnertime, etc. Not sure what to get for which hour? Here are some great suggestions:

8 AM – toaster, potholders, tea set, coffee maker
9 AM – towels, bath accessories, bubble bath
10 AM – workout clothes, weights
12 PM – bbq set, dinnerware, games
7 PM – cocktail set, wine, silverware, dinnerware
10 PM – lingerie, bath oils, books

You can also change up your around-the-clock shower by assigning each guest a category to purchase a gift for. This will allow guests a little bit wider of a range of gifts and also yield great suggestions for those not familiar with an around the clock shower. For example:

Bath Time
Party Time
Quiet Time
Garden Time
Fix-It Time
BBQ Time
Holiday Time
Dessert Time
Meal Time
Beach Time
Cocktail Time
Game Time

At we have a great selection of around-the-clock shower invitations. Some give suggestions for purchases for the bride and others feature clock themes. Take a look at some of our most popular invitations below…

The great thing about around-the-clock showers is that you can incorporate the theme into your entire bridal shower event. Give small kitchen timers as favors for your guests. Decorate each table with a morning, lunch, party or dinner theme. Create a montage of pictures of the bride from birth to current time to show how she has changed over the years before and after meeting her love.

Help the bride count down the days before her big day and be a part of assisting her in being ready for the next step in her life with an around-the-clock shower in her honor.

Halloween Designer Laser Paper

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Spooky, creepy and oh-so-scary. Spook out the neighborhood with these frighteningly funky Halloween designer paper products. Our 2009 Halloween collection includes a collection of ghostly 8.5 x 11 inch papers that you can print yourself in your home printer, just like you would print on a regular computer paper. Our spooktacular designer paper designs include bonehead skulls, dancing skeletons, flying and swooping bats, candy, scaredy cats, witches, pumpkins, graveyards and candy corn.

Designer paper is great for use as neighborhood flyers for trick-or-treater groups, Halloween party invitations, Halloween Menus, fall family letters, corporate get-togethers and more. Each affordable set includes matching envelopes.

Don’t waste any time…these designs are flying off the shelves like a witch on a broom. Check out these Halloween Laser Paper designs as well as our Halloween card stock invitations!

Invitation Etiquette – Zip Codes on Invitations

Friday, September 11th, 2009

When writing the address for my event on my invitation, do I need to include the location’s zip code?

This question seems to be growing more and more popular lately and we are often seeing zip codes printed on our customer’s invitations. We thus thought we’d take a moment to share a little etiquette lesson with our readers.

When writing invitation text, traditional etiquette dictates that a zip code is not necessary to be printed on an invitation. A city and state printed on the line after the street address is sufficient. The purpose of zip codes is actually for USPS postal regulations for outgoing mail. For directional purposes, it is not needed on MapQuest, GPS, etc. A good rule of thumb is to remember that formal invitations should not have any numbers printed on them. If a number is printed it is written in long-hand numerical form. For example, July nineteenth, six o’clock, etc.

112 North Main Street
Cary, NC 27513

112 North Main Street
Cary, NC

So next time you’re writing your invitations, remember that a zip code is not needed.

Construction Party Invitations

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Pop the balloons and push the streamers aside…we want trucks, cars and tractors that push, move and dive! Celebrate your son’s birthday with a construction party that screams boys only! Our car, truck and tractor invitations are perfect for the little man in your family.

Our collection of construction invitations includes die-cuts, wiggler cards, layered ensembles, tilters and monster truck themes that will have your guests oh-so-excited for your party. When choosing your invitation, choose one that coincides with the type of construction party you’re having and what kind of activities you’ll be hosting; whether it’s tractor rides on a farm, a tour of a construction site or just a construction themed party. Take a look at some of our most popular construction invites below…

Dump Truck Invitation by Paper So Pretty – It’s time to get muddy! This flat white invitastion features an army green background and a picture of a yellow dump truck plowing through the mud and getting rid of a load of dirt. This card features your text tilted on the side of the dump truck for a special touch. Add your RSVP information to the truck’s passenger door.

Ride On Over Invitation by Picture Perfect – Invite your friends to a hayride with this die-cut invitation in the shape of a red tractor with huge black and yellow wheels. A little boy rides the tractor wearing a white shirt and blue jean overalls. This invitation is perfect for kids having a fall birthday on a farm or for a hayride.

1st Birthday Fun Boy Invitation by Paper So Pretty – Celebrate your son’s first birthday with this vibrant construction themed first birthday party invitation. This fun invitation features a white background with a blue border with light blue polka dots. A large green # 1 with green polka dots adorns the left side of the card and a tractor carrying a blue cupcake runs over the word “Birthday”.

CAUTION! Check out these construction invites and more on InvitationBox.

Sleepover Party Invitations

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Bring your sleeping bag, a toothbrush and pillow and get ready for a night filled with secrets, movie-watching, hair, nails, pizza and snacks! For your child’s next birthday party, host a totally awesome sleepover party with her closest friends!

Sleepover parties are a great theme for kids around the age of 7 and up. If your child is younger but still wants to have a sleepover, you can even host a “mock-sleepover” where everyone dresses in jammies and does all of the typical sleepover activities at the party but then goes home at night for bed.

At we have a great variety of sleepover invitations that will appeal to your little one. Choose from sleeping bag themes, pajama themes, pillow designs, movie and popcorn themes and more. And don’t forget that sleepovers aren’t just for girls. We have really fun boy-themed sleepover invitations that feature camping themes, army sleeping bags, backyard themes and more. Take a look at two of our most popular sleepover invitations below…

Sleepover Girl Party Invitation by Inviting Company – Time for beauty sleep! This flat white invitation has a grey border and a blue background with white stars. A girl inside a pink and blue polka dotted sleeping bag sleeps on the right side of the card. Add a purple bow to her hair and a sleeping mask over her eyes and she’s ready for her sleepover!

Campout Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – Perfect for the boys…this flat white invitation features an outdoor camping scene of two boys in a pitched red tent outdoors. One holds a flashlight and shines it out into the evening sky.

Make sure you checkout some of our other sleepover party invitations that will appeal to all kinds of sleepover parties.