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Halloween Wedding Invitations

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

When we received our first Halloween wedding invitation order a few years ago we were taken by surprise. But more and more often we see engaged couples planning Halloween weddings for their fall wedding. What better way to celebrate your favorite holiday with your big day? Whether you ask your guests to dress in costume, get married by a zombie or just choose a Halloween inspired event with fall colors and themes, we have the perfect formal Halloween invitations for your wedding.

Spooky Silhouette Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – This flat white formal holiday invitation features an orange background with a white antique scratched back design. The top of the card is adorned with a silhouette of a black branching tree design with two crows perched on them. The bottom of the card features a black silhouette design of a field of grass and florals. Choose a spooky but formal font like backladder to complete the ensemble.

Widow’s Web Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – Don’t be fooled by the name of this invitation; the widow refers to the spider! This flat white invitation features an antique burnt orange border with a design that looks like an unraveled tattered ivory note. A black widow spider adorns the top center and he has spun his web in the top left and bottom right corners. A perfect invitation for those getting married in a wooded area or an antique mansion or castle.

Corner Scrolls Autumn Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – This autumn invitation is perfect for more fall themed Halloween formal events. The background of this card is orange and features two corner scroll designs in brown and ivory in the top left and lower right corners. Choose a combination of two fonts to make your text stand out, with a script font that will match the essence of the corner scroll designs.

Need some reception suggestions for your wedding? Decorate your tables with autumn leaf swags. Place spider rings on your wine glasses. Serve up some spooky autumn foods or serve pumpkin pie for desert rather than the typical wedding cake for each guest. Ask your guests to join you in a costume of their favorite Halloween couple. Send each guest home with a bag of candy corn or other favorite Halloween treat.