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Around-the-Clock Bridal Shower Invitations

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Tick-Tock…Shower the bride around the clock! At most bridal showers, it is unavoidable that the bride and groom will receive repeat gifts. Help the happy couple receive a plethora of unique gifts by hosting an around-the-clock shower in their honor. At an around-the-clock shower each guest is assigned a time of day to which they will purchase a coordinating gift. You can have multiple guests do the same time for a larger category like dinnertime, etc. Not sure what to get for which hour? Here are some great suggestions:

8 AM – toaster, potholders, tea set, coffee maker
9 AM – towels, bath accessories, bubble bath
10 AM – workout clothes, weights
12 PM – bbq set, dinnerware, games
7 PM – cocktail set, wine, silverware, dinnerware
10 PM – lingerie, bath oils, books

You can also change up your around-the-clock shower by assigning each guest a category to purchase a gift for. This will allow guests a little bit wider of a range of gifts and also yield great suggestions for those not familiar with an around the clock shower. For example:

Bath Time
Party Time
Quiet Time
Garden Time
Fix-It Time
BBQ Time
Holiday Time
Dessert Time
Meal Time
Beach Time
Cocktail Time
Game Time

At we have a great selection of around-the-clock shower invitations. Some give suggestions for purchases for the bride and others feature clock themes. Take a look at some of our most popular invitations below…

The great thing about around-the-clock showers is that you can incorporate the theme into your entire bridal shower event. Give small kitchen timers as favors for your guests. Decorate each table with a morning, lunch, party or dinner theme. Create a montage of pictures of the bride from birth to current time to show how she has changed over the years before and after meeting her love.

Help the bride count down the days before her big day and be a part of assisting her in being ready for the next step in her life with an around-the-clock shower in her honor.