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Prince Party Invitations

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Happily ever after doesn’t have to be about pink, crowns and magic wands…it can be about fire breathing dragons, knights in shining armor and royalty, too! Celebrate the other royal highness in your family…the prince!

We have received a number of customer requests and orders for prince parties this fall season and we think it’s great that the boys are becoming interested in the fairytale world. When planning a prince party for your little one, make sure you start with an invitation fit for royalty. Take a look at some of our most popular prince invitations below…

Prince Party Invitation by IB Designs – Created by our very own typesetters, this flat white prince themed invitation features a light blue background with light blue pastel polka dots. A large blue crown with the pre-printed word “PRINCE” adorns the top center of the card. This invitation is perfect for 1st birthday parties and kids birthday parties. Don’t forget, we also have matching IB Designs prince stickers for this invitation!

Dot Shot! Blue with Blue Dynasty Invitation by SanLori Designs – This prince invitation is perfect for those with a little more mature taste. This invitation is actually a layered card which features a white bottom card with light blue and brown polka dots and brown and white stripes. The top card is light blue with a white trim and a prince’s crown in the top scalloped circle in blue and brown. Add your text to the top card below the crown. Customer assembly is required.

Little Kingdom Invitation by Inviting Company – Perfect for those inviting the girls to the party too…This flat white invitation features a fairytale background of a castle on a hill. A knight in shining armor stands on the left side of the card with his yellow and blue shield and a princess with a teal crown stands on the right side of the card. This invitation is certainly fit for royalty!

Check out these above invitations and others on today!