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Floral Party Invitations

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Elegant. Classy. Modern. Inspire your guests when you invite them to your next special or formal event. Our collection of floral invitations features an eclectic collection of flower patterns and designs that can appeal to any honoree’s style or event theme. Great for bridal showers, bridal luncheons, garden parties, adult birthday parties and rehearsal dinners, floral pattern invitations portray an essence of sophistication to an important event and really capture the special nature behind the reason for your party.

flower invitations - 1

Our floral designed invitations range from funky, modern and retro floral patterns all the way to extremely formal, vining and elegant patterns. Choose from an array of flower types including daisies, peonies, hibiscus flowers, dogwood, leaves and vines, hydrangeas, calla lilies, mums, Asian flowers, buttercups, tulips, roses and woodcut damask floral designs. Choose a flower style or color that accents your party theme and colors. You can even incorporate your chosen flower invitation choice into your party decorations and centerpieces. Send each guest home with a flower from your invitation.

Take a look at some of our customer’s favorite flower invitations below…

floral invitations - 2

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