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Holiday Cocktail Party Invitations

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Nothing adds sparkle to your holiday event more than a few cocktails and crazy friends!

When brainstorming on your next holiday party, why not host a holiday cocktail party for all of the adults to enjoy! Do your research when planning this party to concoct some signature holiday cocktails involving festive holiday staples like peppermint, chai, eggnog and chocolate. Ask your guests to don their best holiday attire or maybe even host an “ugly Christmas sweater” party and have all guests show up in that same holiday sweater their mother has been wearing since 1988.

Choose a holiday party invitation that gives lead to the type and formality of party you’re hosting, be it swanky and dressy or fun and casual. Our holiday cocktail party invitations include holiday martinis, silhouettes of friends decked out in holiday attire, festive wine glasses, holiday swizzle sticks, happy hour signs and other holiday spirit designs. Take a look at some of our newest holiday cocktail party designs below…

holiday cocktail party invitations

Let your guests know that it’s time to party and celebrate the holidays with their closest friends! Your guests will be raving that your party was a night they don’t clearly remember with the friends they’ll never forget!