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Online PHOTO Preview For Birth Announcements

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

You have been asking…we have listened! We appreciate the feedback we receive from our customers, especially if we can make your shopping experience more enjoyable! Earlier this year InvitationBox implemented an online preview system for our shoppers to preview their text on their chosen stationery prior to placing their order. You can then save your design for that shopping session, which in turn allows our typesetters to see what you would like your card to look like, prior to sending you a professional proof.

Since the implementation of our preview system we have received many requests to create a preview system that includes your uploaded photograph for our digital photograph order customers. Well, ask and you shall receive! We are very excited to introduce our new customizable digital photo card preview system. This previewing system will allow you to not only preview your text, but upload ten photographs to our site to help you in choosing which photograph will look best on your chosen card. This is especially helpful for our birth announcement customers that have oh-so-many perfect pictures of their newborn. After choosing your photograph, you can edit your photo by cropping it, rotating it and changing your photo effects to black and white, sepia or color.

Just follow this easy 10 step-by-step guide to customize your photo card:

Step One: Choose a birth announcement that matches your baby’s perfect personality.

Step Two: Choose your quantity, font styles and colors.

Step Three: Fill-in your birth announcement wording.

Step Four: Click on the orange “Customize Your Photo Card” button.

Step Five: Click on the green “Add Photo” button to upload up to 10 digital photographs that you can later choose from when creating your preview.

photo upload system

Step Six: Once you have uploaded your photos, click on the blue “Change Photo” button.

Step Seven: Click on the green “Select Photo” button to choose your photo.

Step Eight: Click on the brown “Edit Photo” button to manipulate your photograph to best fit the card. You can use the crop function to adjust what you want to show, choose photo effects to change your photo to sepia, black and white or color, or rotate your photo.

photo effects

Step Nine: When finished editing, click on the green “Save My Photo” button.

Step Ten: Your newly edited/cropped photo will fill-in the photo box on the card. Feel free to further edit if needed.

birth announcement photo preview

Ready to create your baby’s birth announcement? Just follow the above 10 easy steps and you’re minutes away from choosing the perfect photo for your baby’s birth announcement and a forever keepsake.