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Floral Party Invitations

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Elegant. Classy. Modern. Inspire your guests when you invite them to your next special or formal event. Our collection of floral invitations features an eclectic collection of flower patterns and designs that can appeal to any honoree’s style or event theme. Great for bridal showers, bridal luncheons, garden parties, adult birthday parties and rehearsal dinners, floral pattern invitations portray an essence of sophistication to an important event and really capture the special nature behind the reason for your party.

flower invitations - 1

Our floral designed invitations range from funky, modern and retro floral patterns all the way to extremely formal, vining and elegant patterns. Choose from an array of flower types including daisies, peonies, hibiscus flowers, dogwood, leaves and vines, hydrangeas, calla lilies, mums, Asian flowers, buttercups, tulips, roses and woodcut damask floral designs. Choose a flower style or color that accents your party theme and colors. You can even incorporate your chosen flower invitation choice into your party decorations and centerpieces. Send each guest home with a flower from your invitation.

Take a look at some of our customer’s favorite flower invitations below…

floral invitations - 2

Check out the above invitations and more from our floral invitations at

Bowling Invitations

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Going…Going…Going…STRIKE!!! Get your party rolling with an afternoon of bowling. Our collection of bowling party invitations is great for the sports nut who just can’t get enough of those funny bowling shoes, slippery lanes and bar pizza and brews.

Great for kids or adults, our bowling party invitations feature die-cut, wiggler and flat card stock invitations with themes like bowling pins, long bowling lanes, Vegas bowling signs and vibrant and catchy colors. Choose a fun die-cut or wiggler invitation for the kids or our Vegas sign invitation for the adults. Below are some of our most popular bowling invitations…

bowling invitations

Ready to put on your bowling shoes, glove and shirt? Don’t let your guests miss out on your next event. Last one there gets the turkey!

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

The fall air has come in and the rainy days are leaving behind beautiful autumn scenery that we all so much enjoy.

fall invitations

Celebrate this bountiful season by sending a thankful greeting to family, friends, co-workers, employees and clients. Sending a Thanksgiving greeting card has become a new trend in the holiday seasons over the past few years. It sends an unexpected note to your recipient and also lets them know that at this family-oriented time of year you are appreciating them and all they have done for you over the past year.

Our thanksgiving greeting cards feature a multitude of designs ranging from embossed details and photographs to paintings, autumn pictures and other pictorials. Choose a card that best fits your family or corporate style. Our designs include leaf and tree designs, seasonal hues, cornucopias, pumpkins, fall wreaths, covered bridges, fall roadways, patriotic themes and other harvest inspirations. Take a look at some of our newest Thanksgiving greeting card designs below…

thanksgiving greeting cards

Ready for fall? This holiday season remember to give thanks to those who have made a difference in your life or business over the past year. Your recipient will appreciate your kind thoughts during this busy time of year.

Halloween Gifts & Stationery Items

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Halloween is right around the corner, but it’s not too late to order your Halloween gifts and Halloween stationery items from our fabulous vendors. We have an array of Halloween stamps, stuffed animals, trick-or-treat bags and baby onesies. Take a look below:

halloween stampsTreat your stationery to a spooky treat with these two Halloween stampers from Noteworthy Collections. Choose from the Halloween Bat custom stamper or the Halloween cat custom stamper. Both are available with a cute Halloween graphic in the center and your personalized phrase or address printed around the outside of the stamp in a circle. Each stamp comes with one black ink cartridge that allows for approximately 10,000 to 14,000 impressions. You can even order additional ink cartridges in orange or any color you wish!

halloween trick or treat bags halloween stuffed animalsBoo! Did we scare you?! Throw out the paper trick-or-treating bag and go green with this soft frighty-night trick-or-treat bag that has a nose that lights up! This ghostly scary bag has a light up nose when you squeeze his hand. Want a cuddly friend rather than a ghostly sight? This Frighty-Night Scaredy Cat is full of soft black fur and an orange nose. Squeeze the orange pumpkin on his tail to hear him meow!

halloween bibs halloween onesiesWho says Halloween is just for the big kids? Help your little pumpkin celebrate Halloween with these adorable pumpkin knot baby romper onsies and pumpkin ghost bibs. The bib actually comes with a white ghost washcloth. These soft baby items are perfect for baby’s 1st Halloween!

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Corporate Holiday Party Invitations

Friday, October 9th, 2009

The holidays are right around the corner. Take time out from your busy work schedule to show your co-workers and employees how much you appreciated their work during the previous year and plan a corporate holiday outing, get-together or holiday party. Corporate holiday events will bring your employees together at the end of the calendar year and allow for socialization after the insane last few months you’ve had.

Whether you’re planning a formal event, a casual cocktail party or a festive soirée, we have the perfect invitations to coordinate with your corporate holiday style. Choose from holiday-neutral patterns and borders, elegant toile and silhouette designs or funny cartoons that capture the fun part of the holidays. Take a look at some of our most popular corporate designs below…

corporate holiday invitation - 1Flourish of Champagne Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – This elegant and formal flat white invitation has a deep red background and features a black flourish design in the top left and bottom right corners. A champagne glass made of white and black flourish designs adorns the bottom right portion of the card. Add your text above and to the right of the champagne glass, putting your event name or theme in a festive scripting font. This modern invitation is great for corporate cocktail holiday parties or corporate holiday dinner parties.

corporate holiday invitation - 2Reindeer games Invitation by Inviting Company – Perfect for those that host a holiday party that gets just slightly crazy, this wild and fun holiday invitation from Inviting Company features a lime green background and brown scalloped outer border. Nine reindeer wearing festive attire and sipping down cocktails adorn the bottom of the card, with one wearing a lampshade, another hanging from the chandelier and one rolling over on the floor laughing! If your corporate holiday parties are all about the fun and less about he work – this invitation is perfect for you!

corporate holiday invitation - 3Home for the Holiday Invitation by M. Middleton – This elegant invitation is perfect for open-house corporate events, be it at the president’s home or the company office. This flat white invitation features a vellum overlay for your text and a bottom card with a design of a large home’s doorway decorated in evergreen swags for the holiday. The vellum is attached to the bottom card with a red ribbon. This classy invitation is sure to make an impression on your company guests and their families.

Remember, purchase your corporate holiday invitations now and receive 10% off! Sale lasts until Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 12 PM EST. Make your employees feel appreciated this year and celebrate your success with a holiday party and fabulous invitations from!

Time Is Running OUT – Halloween Costumes!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Time is running out and our Halloween costumes are flying off the shelf! Get them while they’re hot! We even have some costumes that are on sale for un-beatable prices. Our most popular costume this year has been the Hot Pink Ladybug Baby Halloween Costume, which seems to be a yearly favorite for the little girls! Other popular girl baby costumes have been the kitten baby costume, butterfly baby costume, fish baby costume and pirate girl.

baby halloween costumes

Don’t forget about the boys, though! Dress your little man up as an army soldier, bat, walrus, teddy bear or baby alligator! We have these costumes and many more, all available for shipment within about one business day. All costumes fit babies up to 25 pounds and make for great memories and the cutest pictures!

pirate baby costume

Place your baby costume order soon…these baby costumes are more popular than ever. Happy Halloween!

Etiquette – Punctuation on Invitations

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Once in a while I do my best to educate our customers and blog readers on proper invitation etiquette, which is sometimes much different than traditional writing etiquette. The most common etiquette errors I have noticed on invitations lately is the misuse of punctuation.

When writing your invitation, punctuation at the end of a poem or sentence is not necessary, as the break in the lines of text indications a pause sufficient enough to eliminate the punctuation. Exclamation points and question marks can be used for emphasis, but are not necessary. Even a comma can be eliminated if at the end of a line, (not a list). For example:

Unnecessary Punctuation:
It’s time to tumble:
It’s time to play –
It’s time to celebrate,
Emma’s Birthday.

Emma’s 6 Birthday

Friday, April 1st
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
The Tumbleweed
123 Main Street

RSVP to Karen at 866-888-5555.

Correct Use of Punctuation
It’s time to tumble
It’s time to play
It’s time to celebrate
Emma’s Birthday

Emma’s 6 Birthday
Friday, April 1st
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
The Tumbleweed
123 Main Street

RSVP to Karen at 866-888-5555

Want to learn more? Check out our Etiquette & Advice section on!

Fall & Autumn Invitations

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Celebrate the brisk fall season ahead! Our collection of fall and autumn invitation is full of festive seasonal invites that incorporate your favorite fall staples. Fall invitations are great for parties from October throughout early December. Use them for corporate parties and picnics, Thanksgiving dinner invitations, adult birthday parties, cocktail parties and charity events.

Our fall invitations incorporate traditional autumn colors including rich brown, yellow, orange, red, green, bronze and gold. Designs feature leaf patterns, acorn graphics, cornucopia harvest arrangements, fall place settings, trees with fall leaves, autumn topiaries, open house themes, pumpkins, turkeys and pilgrims. With so many choices, we’re sure to have the perfect fall invite for your next autumn event.

Check out some of our fall favorites below…

fall invitations - autumn invitations

Feeling the fall fever?! Shop our Fall & Autumn Party Invitations today!

thanksgiving invitation

Gymnastics Invitations

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Time for splits, straddles and aerobesques! Practice your stretching skills and get some excercise with this collection of gymnastics invitations from Gymnastics parties are all the rage for the kids right now. It offers great fun for little ones and also tires the kids out at the end of the day. They can learn a new sport and maybe even start a new hobby!

Most gymnastics locations have a party planner that will plan an obstacle course or other activities for your party. Ask the kids to put on their favorite leotard or work-out gear. Serve up some healthy snacks like pretzels, bagels, veggie sticks or trail mix. You can even have a contest to see who can balance the best, jump the highest on the trampoline or do the most tumbles. Our gymnastics party invitations are great for girl or boy gymnasts – or both! Take a look at some of our more popular gymnastics invitations below…

Ready to tumble and play? We are too! Check out this fun collection of gymnastics invitations!

IB Designs Fill-In Invitations & Thank You Notes

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Catch them while they’re hot! We are very excited to announce that’s brand, IB Designs, has come out with its own line of fill-in invitations and fill-in thank you notes. Fill-in invitations and thank you notes are great for those on a budget or time crunch. Simply fill-in the major details of your event, stuff your envelope and you’re ready to go. Fill-in thank you notes are also great as they instill proper stationery etiquette at such a young age for children. Your guests will be impressed when they receive a thank you note from their favorite five year old.

IB Designs pre-designed fill-in cards each feature a whimsical design for your party theme and pre-printed wording for you to fill in your party or thank you note details. Our first release of fill-in invitations and thank you notes includes holiday designs including snowmen, snow scenes, gingerbread men, gingerbread houses and Halloween designs like bats, gravestones and pumpkins.

Take a look at some of our new designs below…

Be sure to check out these fill-in invitations and fill-in thank you notes at InvitationBox! Sold in sets of ten with white unlined envelopes.