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Holiday Birth Announcements

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Most think of holiday gifts in the physical sense: a new Xbox, sweaters, scarves or a new tool set. Yet some of us are lucky enough to have a different kind of new arrival that comes to us this holiday season! That’s right, we’re talking about Christmas babies! The holidays are a great time to share the exciting news of your new arrival during this mystical, magical season.

This holiday season, we have introduced many digital photo holiday birth announcement cards to our website for our new parent customers. What better way to celebrate both the holiday season and your new arrival then by doubling up with a holiday card and birth announcement in one?! This will also cut your baby and holiday budget down in half, which we know is so important during this economy.

Take a look at some of our newest holiday birth announcements below! Our holiday birth announcements range from religious scenes to modern scenes with polka dots and contemporary hues, to traditional holiday colors and cartoon accented holiday staples.

holiday birth announcements

Share your little miracle during this holy and magical holiday season.