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A Traditional Thanksgiving – North vs. South

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Thanksgiving is just two days away! Time to break out Grandma’s old China set and those recipes we use every holiday season. came out with a really fun list this year of Northern vs. Southern recipes and traditions that I just had to share:

Traditional Northern Dinner
Turkey – roasted in the oven or a
Stuffing – cooked inside the turkey
Mashed potatoes with gravy
Macaroni & cheese – an ‘every holiday’ staple for kids & adults
Sweet potatoes
Apple pie, pumpkin pie
Cranberry sauce

Traditional Southern Dinner:
The more the merrier: Turkey, Ham, Chicken, Turduckhen – fried or roasted
Dressing – Cooked on the side made with cornbread or veggies.
Mashed potatoes or rice with gravy
Macaroni & cheese – what is a party without it?
Sweet potato casserole with gooey crust and marshmallows
Pecan pie, fruit cobblers & pies
Cranberry relish

Hungry for Thanksgiving yet? We are too. Hopefully this list gave you some great ideas for this Thanksgiving dinner and maybe even made you want to divulge into the “other area’s” baking traditions.

Happy Thanksgiving!!