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Valentine’s Day Stickers

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Valentine’s Day is just a little more than a month away! Add some love into everything you do in February with this sweet collection of Valentine’s Day round stickers from IB Designs. These BRAND NEW sticker designs will work great as return address labels, valentine envelope seals, baking labels & seals or as fun stickers for kids to pass out to their classmates and friends. Each sticker is available with any text you’d like printed around the outer border.

Our collection of Valentine’s Day round stickers features designs that match our Valentine’s Day greeting cards, valentines and invitations. Choose from all different V-Day themes including hearts, martinis & cocktails, jungle & safari animals, balloons, cupcakes, xo’s, damask, superheroes, race cars, butterflies, dogs, cats, penguins and owls.

Take a look at some of our newest sticker designs below:

All sticker orders ship out in just 2-3 business days. Be the first to decorate your mail with these adorable Valentine’s Day Stickers!

Superbowl Sunday Invitations

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Are you ready for some football? Super Bowl 44 is on Sunday, February 7, 2010 this year and will be played at the Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Make your next Superbowl party a touchdown with our sports-fanatic collection of football invitations that will have your guests ready for a great party ahead. Our football invitation collection features invitations will football, beer, food, jersey, football yard and stadium themes in vibrant colors, watercolor pictorals and die-cut designs. Take a look at some of our most popular football invitations below…

superbowl invitations

When planning your superbowl party, remember to send guests their invitations at least a month in advance so that your invitation is the first your guests receive and respond to! Plan to have plenty of munchies, bbq and beverages on hand. You can even ask your guests to bring a dish or a brew to share with the group.

Browse our Football Collection today!

Celebrating a New Year

Monday, December 28th, 2009

With the new year shortly ahead it’s time to get down to the last-minute party planning for your New Years Soirée. Your celebration should be a mixture of fun, celebration, reflections of the past year and a look toward a new year and a fresh step forward.

Below we have compiled a list of New Years activities, games and traditions that may spark some ideas to make your party one to remember!

Fondue – Choose a type of fondue each New Years Eve and have each guest bring something to dip and share. For example, have a chocolate fondue and have guests bring cookies, lady fingers, marshmallows, etc. to dip in the pot

New Years Resolutions – If you have an annual party, ask each returning guest to write five new years resolutions on a paper and put it into the box. Each year at your party, open the previous year’s box and see what traditions were made or broken. Then burn or throw out the list and look forward to the New Year

Tea – Prepare a high tea for January 1st instead of New Years Eve. This way your guests can follow their own plans the night before and come together that Friday afternoon for a relaxing get-together and a scrumptious brunch

Travel – Pick a few friends and each year travel to a new or different destination around the US. Be it Florida, Texas, California or maybe even Mexico

Fireworks – If legal in your area, light off fireworks at the stroke of midnight. If not legal in your area, have the kids get together and light sparklers out on the porch.

Whatever you decide to do this New Years, remember to make it a fun, safe and memorable occasion.

Celebrating Kwanzaa

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

In conversation the other day we realized that the celebration of Kwanzaa is just days away and we didn’t know much about this festive holiday. We thought we should share some of our research with our readers as so many of us celebrate the holidays through many different cultures.

Kwanzaa is celebrated from December 26th to January 1st each year, primarily in the United States. These seven days consist of celebrations featuring candle lighting, drinks, food and gift-giving. Kwanzaa was created by Maulana Karenga in 1966 as the first African American holiday. The goal was to give African americans an alterative to the existing Christmas holiday celebrations and an opportunity to celebrate their history, rather than the practice of the society. Kwanzaa is said to help African Americans identify and celebrate their African culture and heritage.

Whatever culture you’re celebrating this holiday season, remember that you, our customers, are in InvitationBox’s thoughts throughout this festive time of year.

Remember when shopping to use the “MerryXmas10” coupon code through December 28th to receive 10% off of your $50.00 + order.

kwanzaa tree

Save the Date Cards

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

The holidays can be a magic time of year for many couples as engagements are proposed during this festive season. With engagements underway you will begin planning for your wedding in the beginning of the new year. If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, now is a great time to send out save the date cards. You may be thinking, ‘save the dates…my wedding is months away!’ However, save the date cards should be mailed out 6-8 months prior to your wedding. If you are having destination wedding or have guests attending from out of state, save the date cards are extremely important. They allow guests to reserve your wedding date(s) to avoid conflicting plans and also give your guests time to save and plan for hotel or flight accommodations.

save the date cards

Save the date cards can match your wedding theme, color scheme or style or they can be completely different. As they are sent so far in advance of your wedding date, you can be as creative or as classic as you’d like. We offer a variety of save the date styles including ribbons, digital photographs, floral prints, traveling themes, beach and cityscapes and more.

When writing your save the date cards remember to include the below pertinent information:

-name of engaged couple
-date of your wedding
-location of wedding (city & state can be sufficient)
-end save the date with “invitation to follow” or “details to follow”

Your engagement is a very important time in the beginning of the rest of your life. Be sure to send out your save the date cards so that all of your desired guests can attend.

There’s Still Time – Holiday Stuffed Animals

Monday, December 21st, 2009

There’s still time to order Christmas, holiday & winter gift items from! UPS will deliver ground and air packages from now until Christmas Eve, December 24, 2009. Most gift items will ship the same day or the next business day. We know how important fast delivery is this time of year.

We currently are featuring Gund Storytime Bear, Holiday Big Bird, Baby’s First Christmas photo albums and teddy bears, holiday hats, slippers, teddy bears, snow globes and more! Many items are on sale to assist our budget-shoppers during this economicaly rough time of year. Remember all small – large items are available with gift wrap and gift notes if you need to ship an item directly to your loved one.

gund storytime bear

Shop now and pick up any last-minute gifting items whether it’s for a child, niece or nephew, loved one or family friend!

Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

Friday, December 18th, 2009

As the holidays come to a close, some of us will realize that we forgot to send out holiday cards this year, or we just didn’t have the time with our busy holiday schedules. There’s still time to send out New Years holiday cards, however if that doesn’t appeal to you, start a new tradition this year.

IB Designs has just introduced Valentine’s Day greeting cards to our Valentine’s Day collection. These greeting cards are a great way to keep in touch with family and friends in the beginning of the year. You can also use them as a birth announcement if you have an early-year holiday baby or share a photograph of your loving family.

Our newest Valentine greeting card designs include heart accents, xo patterns and cupcake treats. Upload your digital photograph to our website for us to print your photos directly on your greeting cards and personalize the cards with your own holiday greeting. Below are just three of the designs you can find in our new Valentine’s Day collection…

valentine's day greeting cards

Feeling love in the air? You’ll find these Valentine’s Day greeting cards along with our Valentine’s Day invitations, stuffed animals and valentines all on!

NEW! Valentines at

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

We all remember the days in grade school where we would decorate a box with a slit in the top for our valentines. The girls would spend hours decorating their box and creating a valentine for their secret crush hoping they felt the same way. They’d choose a specific valentine for each person in their class. The boys would give out valentines to their friends with the latest cartoon character or superhero.

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. After the holiday hustle it will be time to start shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts and valentines. is very excited about our brand new line of valentine cards and photo valentines. These flat valentines are 2 x 3.5 inches and are available with or without envelopes. Choose a valentine with a mouse, teddy bear, cupcake or heart theme for girls or a valentine with a superhero, race car, jungle animal or bird theme for boys. Each child can add their own customizable valentine greeting along with their name and some cards are even available with a photo of the valentine.

Take a look at some of our newest valentines below:


Remember to take some time this year to tell your valentine or secret crush that you love them! These valentines, valentine invitations and valentine stuffed animals are all ready for this heartfelt valentine season!

Top 10 New Years Resolutions

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

The holidays will soon be coming to and end. We’ll count down from 10 to 0 at midnight and then realize that a whole new year is right ahead of us. 365 days to make a difference this year. But what are the most common New Years Resolutions? I found this great list from and thought I would share. Maybe it will spark some New Years resolutions of your own – or re-inforce your theory that New Years resolutions are always broken:

1. Spend more time with your family.

2. Start a fitness routine.

3. Tame the bulge by eating healthier.

4. Quit smoking.

5. Enjoy life more.

6. Quit drinking.

7. Get out of debt.

8. Learn something new.

9. Help others; assist with a charity.

10. Get organized.

When it comes down to it, New Years resolutions are about doing things that are better for you, your family and friends. Be a positive roll model for others. If at the end of the day you break one of your resolutions, remember that tomorrow is another day and you can always start fresh.

It’s Never Too Late for Holiday Greeting Cards!

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Just how late is too late to send out holiday cards? Procrastination seems to be a common theme for all of us during the holiday season. We get busy with children’s school events, plays, holiday party planning and holiday decorating and then forget about sending out the yearly holiday cards or holiday letter.

holiday greeting cards

In a perfect world we would all have our holiday cards sent the first week in December. Knowing that hardly ever happens it has become acceptable to send your holiday greeting cards later in the holiday months. The common knowledge is “better late than never” when it comes to holiday cards. Your friends and family members will be happy to receive your holiday wishes and/or a photograph of your family – it won’t matter if your cards are sent on December 1st or January 1st. Most people believe that you can send out holiday cards anytime throughout December and January. If you’re running a little late you can always send out a Happy New Year card instead of the traditional Christmas greeting card. Everyone understands how busy the holiday season is and no one will care if you’re a bit late.

If you’re still browsing for holiday cards, remember to check out our collection of holiday greeting cards for Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years. We offer traditional greeting cards, holiday photo cards, digital photo cards and more.

Check our holiday collection today!