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Tips for Successful Kids Holiday Photos

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

We all know that taking the yearly holiday photo for your holiday photo greeting card can be a daunting task! One kid blinked, the baby is crying, my dress itches, I don’t want to be next to him, the dog just ran into the photo and after the 50th take you *might* have one photo that is acceptable!

I did some research online searching for the best tips to help parents take the perfect holiday photo for their holiday greeting card:

1. There is no rule that a holiday photo has to be from or taken during the holidays. If you have a great summer photo from a family vacation or outing, use that.

2. Set your camera up for the highest resolution when taking your photos. This will eliminate having to photo shop photo brightness and quality later.

3. Most photos are best taken in a well lit area without a flash. This can reduce those “blinking” photos and harsh shadows.

4. Position your group in a slight semi-circle facing toward the center rather than a straight line. This will save on space and avoid having to overlap people.

5. Put kids in the front so that a grown-up can assist them with taking a nice photo.

6. Offer the kids a craft or after-photo activity that they can look forward to.

7. Have the bigger kids assist the little kids in getting ready for the photo. If everyone helps, things can go a lot quicker.

8. If you have a baby, carry a toy with you that you know makes them giggle, smile, laugh or look toward. Focus is the main key.

We hope this helps you prepare your holiday photo to achieve great holiday photo cards this year!