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Celebrating a New Year

Monday, December 28th, 2009

With the new year shortly ahead it’s time to get down to the last-minute party planning for your New Years SoirĂ©e. Your celebration should be a mixture of fun, celebration, reflections of the past year and a look toward a new year and a fresh step forward.

Below we have compiled a list of New Years activities, games and traditions that may spark some ideas to make your party one to remember!

Fondue – Choose a type of fondue each New Years Eve and have each guest bring something to dip and share. For example, have a chocolate fondue and have guests bring cookies, lady fingers, marshmallows, etc. to dip in the pot

New Years Resolutions – If you have an annual party, ask each returning guest to write five new years resolutions on a paper and put it into the box. Each year at your party, open the previous year’s box and see what traditions were made or broken. Then burn or throw out the list and look forward to the New Year

Tea – Prepare a high tea for January 1st instead of New Years Eve. This way your guests can follow their own plans the night before and come together that Friday afternoon for a relaxing get-together and a scrumptious brunch

Travel – Pick a few friends and each year travel to a new or different destination around the US. Be it Florida, Texas, California or maybe even Mexico

Fireworks – If legal in your area, light off fireworks at the stroke of midnight. If not legal in your area, have the kids get together and light sparklers out on the porch.

Whatever you decide to do this New Years, remember to make it a fun, safe and memorable occasion.