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Joint Birthday Parties

Friday, January 29th, 2010

I spoke with a customer early this morning who had a great idea about hosting a joint party for her child and two other classmates who had birthdays within days of one another. This way parents don’t have to send their kids to three different parties, worry about conflicting party dates and themes or worry that the birthday kids won’t be able to attend each other’s events. This is also a great idea for parents on a budget, especially in this economy. Depending on how many kids the party is for, you pay that much less for cake, a rental facility, snacks, etc.

We have some great ‘multiples’ invitations for kids this spring season. Whether your party is themed, (pirates, princesses, dinosaurs, bounce house) or just a bunch of friends getting together for a birthday bash, we have the perfect designs for you. Take a look at a collage of some of our great multiple birthday party invitations below…

Never be afraid to break from the norm when planning parties. The more creative the better!

Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

It’s not ALL about the bride. Wait, what?! It’s true, weddings are mainly focused on the bride and the newlywed-couple-to-be. However, it is very common nowadays for a bride to host a bridesmaid luncheon in honor of her bridesmaids, parents, grandmother(s), cousins and friends that have assisted her with the planning of her big event. This is a great time to present these helpful people with small gifts or tokens of appreciation for their continued efforts, support and help with the wedding. The bride may also give gifts to her mother and mother-in-law-to-be at this time.

A bridal luncheon typically can be dinner, brunch, tea, barbecue or a gathering at a spa or massage parlor. It can be a formal or casual event which is typically hosted a few days to weeks before the wedding, depending on how busy the bride is with her wedding plans. A typical bridal luncheon tradition is to prepare a cake for everyone to share at the event. The bride bakes a ring, coin, thimble or other trinket into the cake. The thought is that whoever gets this trinket will be the next to get married or fall in love. Just make sure that the cake is evenly cut to ensure that someone receives the luck.

With all of the new products being introduced to our website, we have quite a few new designs that are perfect for bridesmaids luncheons. Take a look at some of these great ideas below…

MONSTER Invitations

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

One of our most popular vendors, Paper so Pretty, has just introduced a new line of invitations to their collection – MONSTERS! This collection is designed by famous TV Designer, Frank Bielec.

You may not recognize his name, however his style and products are sure to jog your memory. Frank Bielec is mostly known for his interior design work on the popular TLC show, Trading Spaces. He is extremely well known for his funny, somewhat quirky sense of design style that is definitely out of this world!

Frank’s Monsters collection of invitations are replicas of his original monster paintings. They feature funny looking monsters that appeal to kids and adults and are available in a multitude of themes. They range from cowboy, western and barbecue themes to casino, pirate, sport, fiesta and birthday themes. Outside of the monsters, Frank has also designed a few contemporary invitations not involving monsters, however still with the same quirky style and fun appeal. Take a look at some of the newest designs below.

Check out all of Frank’s designs in the Paper so Pretty collection.

Moving Announcements

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Announce your move to family, friends and co-workers with a moving announcement that informs your recipients of your move, your new address and any other pertinent information they may need to know like your phone number, email address or family website. With all of the new products being introduced to our website this spring, we have quite a few new moving announcements that will suit your moving style. Our new moving announcement styles include modern outdoor home scenes, contemporary furniture designs, front door topiary scenes, mail boxes and more.

Below are just a few of the new designs you’ll see in our moving announcement collection. Many of these announcements can double as a housewarming invitation so that you can celebrate your new residence with family and friends.

Moving from an apartment to a house, city to city or state to state is such a big and important event in your and your family’s life. You’ll build new relationships, frequent different locations, send the kids to new schools, and all in all, have a fresh start. Mark your new move with a moving announcement or housewarming invite from our unique collection!

Bridal Shower & Baby Shower Gift Wrapping

Monday, January 25th, 2010

In modern times, the main purpose for hosting a baby shower or bridal shower is to celebrate the bride or mommy-to-be and shower them with gifts that they will need for the next chapter of their lives. Many customers have been asking lately about the etiquette behind asking your guests to wrap or not wrap gifts. Many brides/mothers feel that they would rather spend quality time visiting with guests, dining, playing games etc. rather than focusing on material items and others do this from the GREEN persepective.

The straight across answer to this dilema is that it is against proper etiquette to ask your guests to bring an unwrapped gift to a shower – period. It is often considered tacky or that the honoree is unappreciative for the gifts presented and does not want to take the time to open each gift. While in most cases this is not the truth, asking guests to bring an unwrapped present does not give off a good vibe. From the GREEN perspective, we can see how many brides/mothers may feel it important to ‘save a tree’. This has become more accepted but still goes against traditional etiquette.

The bottom line is that most guest truly enjoy watching you open their gift, as well as other guests’ gifts, at the bridal shower or baby shower. Everyone gets a chance to see what the new baby or your new house will have and it can be a very fun bonding experience. Remember that a shower is not only a reflection of the host but also the honoree.

I’m not one that always sticks with traditional etiquette, but in this case, we suggest allowing your guests to bring wrapped gifts.

Plan Ahead – NEW Spring & Summer Invites

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

I was amazed when shopping the other day that all of the stores have out their spring and summer attire along with the cutest new bathing suits. I thought to myself, “Really? Bathing suits in January?!”. But the reality is that many of us are planning warm vacation getaways early-on this year and spring and summer will really be here before we know it. So it seems that the invitational trends are just like the department store trends in which we will be able to take a sneak-peak at the cutest and most trendy invitations for the upcoming warmer season ahead!

IB Designs has come out with some really cute designs for the summer featuring beach and pool scenes, trendy silhouettes and barbecue themes. Take a look at some of the newest designs below:

The above designs are great for summer events like pool parties, engagement party invitations, cocktail parties, girls weekends, bachelorette parties, beach weddings, summer birthday parties and more. We also have a new collection of summer cocktail invites from IB Designs that are on our website which feature modern colorful borders with refreshing summer drinks like pina coladas, orange spritzers, pink martinis, blue lagoons and other citrus creations. Check out these designs and all of our other NEW designs today and be the first to purchase these modern and so-cute summer designs!

Personalized Placemats

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Everyone knows that mealtime can be a tiring task for any parent. Food ends up on the floor, the impatience of waiting for a meal, kids getting bored and crying to leave the table. Make mealtime fun again with our brand new collection of personalized placemats for kids and adults. These laminated surface-washable placemats are extremely affordable at just $18.99 and have a fun pattern or design on the front and back of the placemat. Each placemat can be personalized with your name, monogrammed initial(s) or a favorite phrase.

Our kids placemats include whimsical and cartoon designs of jungle animals, pirate ships, dinosaurs, mermaids, castles, alligators and fun polka dotted designs. We even have farm and cirucus designs. Adult placemats feature more mature designs and patterns featuring stripes, gingham, polka dots, damask patterns, plaid, floral and toile themes.

Jazz up your family table with a placemat from this unique new collection. Browse all placemats here!

Bounce House Party Invitations

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Come on over, it’s time to bounce and play! Bounce house parties are all the rage right now for kids ages 2-8. What better way for kids to use up their energy then by bouncing around in a giant blow-up house for hours on end?! Depending on your area some kids places actually have bounce houses for you to use for parties. Other companies will actually let you rent a bounce house and bring it to your area or neighborhood at the end of a street or in a nearby field, etc.

When planning your bounce house party, start with a vibrant bounce house invitation to get your guests excited for your son or daughter’s birthday party. We have a variety of invitations for boys and girls featuring pastel hues, bright primay colors, outdoor scenes, bounce house die-cuts, laser paper, wiggler cards and bounce house fill-in invitations and thank you notes.

When writing your invitations out, remember to ask your guests to bring socks so that everyone can participate. It’s also a good idea to invite multiple chaperones to ensure bouncing safety. Some companies will even let adults jump in on the fun, thus you may want to invite parents to attend as well. Plan your party well with cake and snacks served after the bouncing ends.

Check out the above bounce house invitation and many others by clicking HERE!

Digital Photo Save the Date Cards

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Save the date cards have two main purposes. One, they help you announce your engagement to those relatives that may not have heard the news yet. Two, they help your guests reserve your wedding date to ensure that everyone can attend and make hotel arrangements if necessary. Our digital photo save the date cards are extremely popular as you can ask your guests to save your important date and also share a photograph of the newly engaged couple. Save the date cards are also great wedding keepsakes for future scrapbooks or framing.

Whitney English has come out with an elegant line of digital photo save the date cards that will really set the tone for your event and accentuate the importance of your big day. Choose from classic toile designs or contemporary patterned backgrounds in light colors. They also have a few photo cards with extremely modern hues with black, lime, red and bright blue.

Take a moment to browse a few of Whitney English’s newest digital photo designs. Each design is available with a coordinating thank you note, which will be helpful for any engaged couple’s upcoming months.

New Vendor – Hicks Paper Goods

Monday, January 18th, 2010

At we’re always looking for new, innovative designs that will help our customers create memorable events in a way that they want to celebrate. We are very excited to introduce Hicks Paper Goods to our website. The Hicks collection is known for their urban style and every-day-shopper appeal. Their collection includes children’s invitations, adult party invitations, stationery notes, fill-in invitations, fill-in thank you notes, calling cards and placemats.

Their designs features vibrant colors, whimsical cartoon designs, preppy and modern patterns, nature themes, stripe and dot designs and more. Products are created for all types of events from baby showers to bridal showers to save the date cards, marriage announcements, gift tags/enclosures, kids party invites, birth announcements, moving announcements and more.

Below is a short preview of the new products you’ll see when browsing through the Hicks Collection. Click HERE to view the entire Hicks line.