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Etiquette – Writing 2010

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Every time a new year comes up we all have to get used to writing it out long-hand, but still want to write it correctly for that year. I see the year written with our without the word “and”, both being correct, however I wanted to do some research on this to find out why there are two ways to write the year:

Two thousand ten – or – Two thousand and ten

As it turns out, “Two thousand ten” is the American version of 2010 written out. It should be used on a wedding invite when you use the words “favor” and “honor”. “Two thousand and ten” is actually the British version of 2010 written out. It should be used when using the words “favour” and “honour”. Who would have thought? For formal invites I tend to lean toward the British version of wedding wording, however either is correct. Remember to start the year on its own line beginning with one capital letter on “Two”. Everything else should be lower case.

So next time you go to write out your text, remember that consistency is important as it signifies elegance, poise and formality. Choose your invitation wording – British or English – and go with that for the entire ensemble.